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Special Touches For Your Wedding Day

You are getting married! Your favourite person is ready to spend the rest of their life with you and you with them.

You are getting married! Your favourite person is ready to spend the rest of their life with you and you with them. Get ready to dive into the world of wedding planning. Have fun with it all and make your wedding the type of special event that is right for you.

Wedding Photographer

An essential part of your wedding day is ensuring the special moments are captured by a professional wedding photographer. Find a photographer with experience and ask to review their portfolio. If you have an idea of how you want your photographs to look, make sure you communicate that vision to the photographer. Special lighting, a halo-like glow around the bride, candid shots or formal ones – all are important and should include them in your discussion. 

You and your fiance may appreciate the photographer following you around throughout the day. Start with a special breakfast with the wedding party or family members, document the getting-ready process with hair and make-up. In today’s digital world, you can (almost) never take too many photos. It might be a fun idea to have the photographer set up a selfie area for wedding guests. The photographer can stage photos there, as well. They can play with different lighting and tones such as black and white, sepia tones, and different colour spectrums.

Hire a Unique Celebrant

Whether you gravitate towards divergent trends or follow tradition, a distinctive twist to your wedding celebrant duties is to ask them to perform a reading. The reading can come from a beloved book, poem, or spiritual verse. Find something that is meaningful and relevant to you and your partner as a couple. If you have found a shared enjoyment of a contemporary novel about wizards or archers, select a passage or chapter that is significant to the two of you. While the celebrant carries out the special reading, everyone can sit and enjoy the meaning of the words in comfort.

Add a Fun Element to the Reception

A traditional wedding reception is an opportunity to mingle and catch up with family and friends. While it is a lovely way to celebrate your nuptials, you might be in the mood for something less conventional. Consider fun alternatives such as geocaching. You and your partner can plant items at your venue yourselves or hold your reception at a popular geocaching site. Divide guests into teams and provide them with all the supplies they need to make it a fun adventure.

Another noteworthy idea is to hire a dance instructor or two to give dance lessons at your reception. This can be a creative way to help break the ice if any of your guests are not previously acquainted. Learning a new dance is, at the very least, a sure way to get everyone out on the dance floor.

Here is a tutorial for some fun wedding favours to offer your guests.

Make your day special and one to remember. The memories are yours to cherish forever. Add a personal touch and make it uniquely yours. Find the best professional photographer to capture the occasion. Congratulations!



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