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Do you feel overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of social media and online marketing for your boutique business? Do terms like tweets, status updates, likes, retweets, blogging and hashtags make your head spin? I want to help you optimise the online potential of your business marketing plan, teach you how it works and help you get ahead. All modern businesses should really be embracing social media as it gets your name, and reputation out into the world, at a minimal cost although it does take a bit of dedicated time, so choosing the right content, platforms, time of day and frequency is really important.

Social Media Management

I can help your boutique business with the following social media services:

  • Creation of social media accounts, graphic and set up initial administrators and contributors
  • Scheduling of posts
  • Social media content creation
  • Graphic design for banners, posts and icons/profile images
  • Monitoring messages and comments
  • Advice as to what channels (e.g. Instagram, Pinterestest, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) are needed for your type of business.

Made to Measure Social Media Coaching Services

  • One on one social media coaching/workshops at your workplace
  • Telephone coaching sessions
  • Tailored coaching/training to your copies specific needs.

Do you have time to monitor what your clients, staff or anyone are saying online about your product and/services, positive, neutral or not so nice. My goal is to response and reinforce the positive, diffuse the not so nice immediately and cleverly, turning your negatives into positives. I have tools to track community engagement so I can monitor the brand online 24 hours a day.

Community Building

You may also want to build that community and despite buying cycle timelines you still need a significant community of advocates and ambassadors to influence and reach out to the great community treating brand awareness and a positive message.

Get in touch with me, call me on 0405 324 369 or email me directly.

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