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How Does Divona Perfume Help Abused Women?

Divona Perfume with Purpose

Divona perfume is a product developed with a purpose. The product range is absolutely beautiful. The packaging is unique and collectable. The scents are individual and artisanal – a far cry from the mass market luxury fragrances on the shelves of department stores these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fragrance section of a department store, but this range by Divona takes customising your scent a step further. 

divona perfume with purpose
divona perfume with purpose

Divona Perfume – Not just skin deep

Divona’s unique and personalised scents were developed to enable the creators to donate $2 from every purchase toward women rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse and/or human trafficking. The charity aspect of the company is a fundamental pillar of the ethos that drives Divona Perfume.

Beauty with a purpose
Beauty with a purpose

Leaving/escaping domestic abuse is a first step in what will be a lifetime of healing. These women need to rebuild their lives from scratch. Divona helps through donating care packages that include basics like socks, lotion, shampoo, soap, and scarves, as well as comfort and support in the form of therapy, gratitude workbooks, journals, candles, and more.

The Divona Personal Fragrance Matching Algorithm

Note: this is not an affiliate article. I wanted to share this because it is such a beautiful idea.



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