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Slipping On A Business Banana Skin

Avoid business Mistakes

Business banana skins are not fun for any budding entrepreneur. If you haven’t understood what this means put simply, there are plenty of mishaps and pitfalls any business owner can endure during their time of running a business or owning a company. However, you can do things to avoid feeling the pressure of business mishaps, and I wanted to share with you what some of the most common issues any business owner can face and how you can overcome the situation.

Problems with cash flow

Cash flow is a huge issue for any business, whether just starting out or well established. Getting invoices paid for services and products you have isn’t always an instantaneous thing, and people can take advantage of different payment terms. Especially when dealing trade to trade. Many companies offer a thirty-day payment window, and this can leave you stuck if that business has chosen to pay you at the endth degree. Thankfully, websites like  could be worth noting down. Having access to financing can be a huge saving to your business and save it from the depth of cash flow issues. Enabling you to stay trading when times get tough.

Not advertising or marketing in the right way

Advertising and marketing can be one of the key ingredients for business success. Not getting the right exposure could be a huge problem to you and your business. This is why it is so important to ensure that you look into your social media and marketing strategy and make it a focus. Failing to do so could prove that your business just won’t survive in what can be a saturated market. Exposure means sales, exposure means business, so this is why it can be a huge deal to ensure you do things in the right way. Social media is a massive player in this and can often not be utilised enough or in the right way.

Hiring the right staff or reducing turnover of staff

Staff turnover or hiring the right staff first time round can be big problems for any business. Interviewing and hiring staff costs money and your time, and so not hiring right first time can be a huge mishap within your business. You may want to try and avoid this. The crucial step is to ensure you take all necessary checks and precautions and ask the right interview questions. Thankfully, there are some guides online when it comes to hiring the right staff such as websites like

The wrong sort of branding

First impressions count for a lot within your business, and your brand is your chance to enable your business to give that right impression the first time. So the downside of not concentrating on this aspect could mean that people look elsewhere for the service or product you supply. Especially if you have competitors chomping at the bit to grab the sales themselves. If design and vision isn’t your strong suit find a design and digital company who can help.

I hope that these tips can help you avoid slipping on the business banana skin.



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