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Signs You Shouldn’t Buy That House

Signs You Shouldn't Buy That House

If you’re searching for the perfect house for you and your family to settle into and make a home, it can be something of a relief when you finally stumble upon the right piece of real estate; the home that has it all – the roses round the door, the claw foot bathtub and the space that you need for your office/study,/playroom/etc.. You might want to snap it up straight away, but you probably shouldn’t.

Before you even think about buying any piece of real estate, you should ensure that it is free from any major warning signs that suggest it isn’t, despite first appearances, the home for you. What are these warning signs?

The Electrics are Old

If you notice that the property you’re interested in has an older, outdated electrical system, then chances are that it won’t be long before you have to replace it, and at great expense. So, always make a point of checking the fuse boxes, and possibly even having an electrician check the wiring out, before you make an offer, especially if it’s an older home.

The Roof is in Bad Shape

If you buy a home that has a bad roof, then you really are just asking for trouble, and you’d do better to pass it by, or at the very least try to convince the owner to replace any missing tiles or whatever it is that needs done before you buy it.

The Neighbors Seem Off

It seems wrong to judge people on a few brief encounters, but if after viewing a house and bumping into the neighbors, you feel like they could be trouble for whatever reason, it’s worth thinking seriously about your position and trying to get more info on them – by talking to them, not by spying on them – before you make a decision,. By doing this, you can avoid having to live right next to people you simply don’t get on with, which can be pretty soul destroying depending on the circumstances.

The Walls are Cracked

If you view a property and there are cracks in the walls, alarm bells should immediately start ringing. Why? Because it could be a sign of structural damage such as unsafe foundations, which could quite literally see your ‘dream home’ crashing around you if you ignore them. At best, you’d face a hefty bill to fix the problems.

The Plumbing has Issues

Faulty plumbing can be very expensive to put right, but it isn’t always easy to spot when you’re looking at real estate. That’s why, when you’re viewing a property, you should always try to turn on the faucets and showers to check for leaks, poor water pressure and dirty water. If you find any of them, be aware that it could cost you dearly to put them right.

There are Few Amenities for You

Needing amenities near home
Needing amenities near home

Whether you’re big on the gym, you like taking your kids to the park, or you want to ensure your children can go to a good school, it’s important to scope out the area and ensure that the relevant amenities for you and your family are there. If they aren’t, then the house might be right, but the location probably isn’t.

If you spot any of these signs, think very carefully before going ahead with that sale!



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