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Seeing The World: Where To Start?

Seeing The World: Where To Start?

If you’re a fan of travel then you’re probably not the first person to say that you want to see the world. But where do you even start on such a quest? It’s impossible to explore every last corner of every last town and village. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t try; that’s what exploration is all about. You’re excited about the prospect of traversing the dizzying scope of this huge world but you’re also probably a little overwhelmed and intimidated by its size. As a traveler, you can’t be completely spontaneous; you need to plan out your travels. You need a route for your big journey. Here are some suggestions for starting points on your quest to see the world.


Japan is a beautiful country with a lot to offer
Japan is a beautiful country with a lot to offer

Japan is a beautiful country with a lot to offer but you need to start with Tokyo when visiting there. This might seem like a typical place to begin but this city is filled with culture and beautiful sights that will leave you feeling enriched and fulfilled as a traveler once you leave. The fascinating capital of this incredible country has so much to offer in terms of history: ancient temples, such as Sensoji Temple (dating back to 628AD), and other sites of great importance from Japan’s long and complicated history.

Still, Japan is by no means a country of the past. Its technology is futuristic, in fact. This is a country renowned for investing in modern technology over things such as the military or defense. A strange political move? Perhaps. However, this has led Japan to be at the forefront of technological innovation. This is a country of both the past and the future. And you can enjoy both of these aspects of its culture in the present.


australia has it all when it comes to a vacation with the potential for adventure
australia has it all when it comes to a vacation with the potential for adventure

Australia is a country that offers the perfect combination of stunning natural beauty in the form of its sprawling and vastly unpopulated outback along with shiny modern cities marked by skyscrapers and a vibrant beach culture. This is the country that has it all when it comes to a vacation with the potential for adventure. You could spend your time relaxing on a beach in Sydney or you could explore the wild and unpredictable outback. Litchfield National Park is definitely worth visiting whilst you’re there; it’s marked by beautiful waterfalls and ruins from the days of pioneering.

Of course, given the immense size of this huge country, you don’t want to be traveling everywhere on foot. And this isn’t just good advice for exploring the outback (which you should certainly do with a professional). You might want to look into automobile hire in Perth so that you can get around this beautiful city much more easily during your stay. If you’re on a mission to see the world then you should strive to avoid wasting time at all costs. You don’t want to rush your travels in a place like Australia, of course, but there’s just so much to see.


there’s more than wildlife to Kenya
there’s more than wildlife to Kenya

The final destination on this list is Kenya. If you’re looking for a travel experience that will open your mind to somewhere beautiful and, most likely, vastly different in culture from your own country then Kenya is well worth the visit. The amazing wildlife you’ll see on safaris, such as elephants, lions, and leopards, will make it hard for you not to think about protecting animals who are being poached to extinction. But there’s more than wildlife to Kenya. The nightlife in Nairobi is one of the most vibrant and exciting aspects of the city.

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