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Saving Money On Water At Home

Saving Money On Water At Home This Winter

As a home owner and in a country like Australia, plagued by drought, water can be a massive cost at the end of each month on our home bills and we need to watch our usage. Here are some of our tips tips for saving some money on water this month in simple and small ways.

Turn off the tap

When you are brushing your teeth, styling your hair or doing your makeup, never leave the tap running until you need it. The amount of water which is wasted each year by the tap being left on is ridiculous and even if it seems like a small amount at the time it does accumulate a lot throughout the year. Always leave the tap off until you need it and you will notice a big change in your bills.

Use rainwater in the garden

If you hate spending lots of money on watering the garden in the summer and autumn months, we don’t blame you. The hosepipe is perhaps the biggest cost when it comes to water usage and it can cost you a huge sum just for the privilege of keeping your plants alive. But have you ever thought of collecting your own water? You can buy rainwater tanks such as this one which will collect water every time it rains and keep it for when you need it. All you need to do is fill up your watering can and voila!

Reduce your shower time

We all know how amazing it feels after a freezing cold day to come home and get into a toasty shower, and the chill outside will likely make you want to stay in the shower forever just to keep warm. However all that thinking and karaoke time in the shower can cost a lot of money, and if you want to truly save you are better off bringing something warm into the bathroom with you which you can wrap up in when you get out. You can still enjoy a good soak, but when you aren’t washing or rinsing yourself you are wasting water.

Install an eco flush system

The toilet is an undercover water user and you would never really think anything of flushing the toilet after you have been. However the flush on your toilet can vary depending on the model and you can be using more water than you need to. There are lots of eco flush systems available which use minimal water when flushing and these are much better for your pocket and for the environment.

Wait until the kitchen is full before turning on the dishwasher or washing up

Don’t fill up a whole washing up bowl for 3 cups and a plate! We know it’s tempting to get rid of the washing up as soon as it hits the counter, but by filling up the bowl multiple times a day you are wasting a lot of water which just isn’t necessary. Be patient and wait until there are enough dirty dishes to justify a full sink.



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