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Safety In The Workplace: Are You Doing It Right?

Safety In The Workplace: Are You Doing It Right?

When you lead a team of people and have frequent customers visiting your business premises, one of your biggest priorities is making sure that everyone is safe. Not only to avoid accidental injury or worse, death but to protect yourself from lawsuits filed against you for not running a business safely. So the important question you should be asking yourself is, are you doing it right? If your answer is anything but a definite yes, then you need to make some changes around the place and fast. Here are some tips on how to do that!

Have health and safety checks regularly

When the words health and safety are muttered, it’s not unusual to think of a kitchen and the rules they have to follow with hygiene and COSHH. However, health and safety regulations apply to all kinds of businesses and involve checks such as electrical safety, machine maintenance, gas checks and more. Make sure that you’re scheduling your health and safety checks so that you’re not left liable for a dangerous workplace and most importantly, nobody gets hurt.

Use access control systems

It’s likely that somewhere you’re holding onto personal and confidential information. Whether that be information about your staff members or your customers, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it isn’t seen by anyone unauthorised. While these records should be kept in a locked room, you should also install access control systems so that only yourself and staff members are able to access “behind the scenes”. Not only can control systems keep information safe, but they will keep your team and yourself safe from anyone that could be potentially threatening.

Install silent alarms

Feeling threatened in the workplace isn’t something that anyone should have to go through. However, in some roles employees may feel like they are being threatened by a member of the public. Doctor’s surgeries, for example, will have upset and angry patients from time to time that wants to complain to the receptionist. If they don’t get what they want, they can become abusive and whether it be physically or verbally, you need to protect your staff from this kind of situation. Installing silent alarms under desks will discreetly inform the rest of the team that there’s an issue so that it can be resolved without anyone getting hurt.

Consider hiring security guards

Finally, if you’re running a high-risk business such as a nightclub, then you should be considering hiring security guards to man the doors and make sure that everyone’s safe. Or, perhaps you sell items that are of high value and feel at risk of theft or attack. Hiring security guards to keep everyone safe will not only give you that peace of mind but can also help deter people who may have been planning a robbery or attack.

Safety in the workplace is a must, so use these tips to keep yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers safe from harm.



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