Royalty-inspired “Diamant” Diamond Infused Brightening Scrub

Diamond Infused Brightening Scrub

According to the Jolicoeur website, “Diamant,” Diamond Infused Brightening Scrub contains the skin’s best friend: diamonds (along with a blend of effective botanicals). Apart from the obvious appearance of the crown lid, the ingredient list doesn’t look too bad, but I think the diamonds are a little gimmicky. Yes, diamond dust is great in nail files, but not sure if it is as good or better than any other exfoliating particle. The jury is out here. I love the packaging though.

The formulation is a water-activated exfoliant and cleanser. Infused with natural diamond powder, papaya and a blend of active botanicals, the product is said to remove dead skin cells to “reveal a brighter, even complexion”.

diamonds are a skin's best friend - gold and diamond infused skincare
diamonds are a skin’s best friend – Diamond Infused Brightening Scrub
Facial exfoliator with diamonds and gold and a cute lid
Diamond Infused Brightening Scrub 

For smooth, bright, baby-soft skin, this product is the second step in the Diamant signature “Lavish Brightening Routine”.

According to POP Sugar: “Studies have shown that using ground diamonds in skincare boosts collagen and refract light. The “bougie” and “extra” (yeah I’m hip – I have a 16 year old daughter) crown packaging and the fact that it is under $50 would insire me to try it.

The full list of ingredients…

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