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How To Reward Your Employees (When A Pay Rise Isn’t An Option)


We all like to be rewarded, and the same goes for your employees. They work tirelessly for you day after day, so it makes sense to offer them a little incentive as thanks for all their hard work. Not only will this benefit them, but it will offer you an advantage too. You don’t want your team migrating to another company, so you do need to give them a compelling reason to stay around. As we mentioned in our article here at, sometimes you need to put your employees first. But what can you do when you don’t have the funds to offer a pay rise? Here are some other ways you can reward your employees, without bankrupting yourself in the process.

Improve their work/home balance

The daily commute is a hassle for many of us, so why not let your employees work from home occasionally. With the advances in cloud computing and communication services such as Skype, you can still keep in touch with your team, even if they’re still wearing their pyjamas. You might even go one step further and give your employees an extra day off once in a while. Especially after a larger project, some added time at home to rest could be just what they need. Check out for other ways to enhance your employees work/home balance.

Enhance their working environment

a decent coffee machine (Nespresso is a great easy option for the workplace)
a decent coffee machine (Nespresso is a great easy option for the workplace)

Have a look at the office space around you. Is it a pleasant place to be? Okay, so you may have added a pot plant, but that isn’t really enough. There are loads of ways you can improve the environment for your team, including vending machines with healthy snacks, fun break rooms where your staff can hang out without the boss getting in the way, and modern technology to up your staff’s productivity while giving them something more interesting to interact with. You might consider altering the colour scheme too, especially if your walls are painted in greys and browns.

Give out the occasional gift

Gift a small token of appreciation.
Gift a small token of appreciation.

You don’t need to spend a fortune when buying gifts for your team, but the occasional purchase will be a welcome one. You may give everybody a gift at Christmas time, or hand out individual gifts on birthdays or work anniversaries. A fun idea is to hold informal competitions, or if somebody meets their targets, give them a variety of products to choose from. You can source a lot of corporate gift ideas at, or consider giving out gift vouchers to let your employees choose something specific to their liking.

Go away for a day

The only time teams get out of the office together are those dreaded team-building days. While these are necessary, you can still create bonding moments by doing something fun together, such as going out for a meal, walking in a place of scenic beauty, or trying out an Escape Room. You don’t have to be the one to think up ideas, either. Ask your team what they would like to do and choose something that suits the majority.


You want your employees to respect you, right? Then do all you can to reward them, especially when they deserve it. We have given you a few ideas, but you can probably come up with a few of your own. You will be rewarded in turn, with employees who work hard, and the personal satisfaction that you have made somebody else’s life happy.



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