Planning The Perfect Princess Themed Birthday Party

Planning The Perfect Princess Themed Birthday Party

Most little girls go through a princess party phase at some point, especially with the popularity of films like Frozen, which is why princess themed birthday parties are so popular at the moment. If one of your kids has a birthday coming up soon and they’re crazy about all things princess, here are some great ideas for throwing them an amazing themed birthday party.

Princess Party Invitations

First things first, invitations. There are some great sites where you can get ready made princess invitations that you can customize for the birthday party. Or if you’d prefer, you can always make them yourself. It might be more fun for you and the kids to make them together with a load of pink card, glitter and sequins. Remember to let people know if you want the kids to dress up or not. If you don’t, you can have dressmaking as one of your activities.


Costumes are obviously the biggest part of any princess themed party and if you haven’t asked everybody to come in costume, you can make that one of the activities for the day. Hiring out a load of Disney princess costumes for all those kids can be pretty expensive but there’s really no need. It’s a lot cheaper, and more fun, to make your own. It’s not that hard really, you just need a load of fabric and some sewing skills. You can either use stuff you’ve got lying around the house like old curtains etc. or go out and buy some cheap fabrics at any good craft shop. If you’re no good at sewing, you can get plenty of silk or satin strips which the kids can use to tie their makeshift dresses up. Add a few safety pins and you’ve got some great princess costumes. Just make sure that you’ve got enough adults to supervise them while they’re making their costumes if they’re fixing them with safety pins.

Bouncy Castle

No birthday party, whether it’s princess themed or not, is complete without a bouncy castle. Is your little princess having a birthday soon? Then you can’t throw a princess themed party without a great Disney princess bouncy castle complete with a great little slide on it as well. Having a bouncy castle gives the kids something to do and it also gives you a little break from entertaining while they’re all bouncing around.

Tiaras for Your Princess Party

Making their own tiaras is another great activity for your princess themed birthday party. You can get a load of paper tiaras for next to nothing in a craft shop and then grab a load of glitter and beads etc. Set them up at a table and let them decorate them how they’d like. It might be worth doing this one outside if the weather is good because a bunch of kids with glue and glitter is a recipe for disaster, especially inside the house.

Use these ideas to plan the perfect princess party and make sure that it goes off perfectly.


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