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Pink Scissor Program – Helping Cancer Patients With Hair Loss

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Pink Scissor Program is an initiative set up by TONI&GUY to help cancer patients cope with the physical and emotional reality of hair loss due to treatment of their disease.

As you can tell, this is a special post. We have all known people who have struggled with cancer. This program can help make the lives of the people struggling with the reality of hair loss tied up with their cancer treatment.

How our Hair is Tied Up with Self Esteem

Our sense of attractiveness is closely tied up with our sense of confidence, and hair is one area that many people feel like they have control, that they are in charge. We can colour, cut, curl, straighten and do all manner of things to our hair and often when we are going through life changes we turn to a new hair-do. I used to say “The best revenge is good hair” when I broke up with someone.

“Hair matters a lot in our general sense of attractiveness. With so many unknowns surrounding us in today’s complicated world…a good hair day is a simple, yet deeply “rooted’ solution to our desire to look and feel good at any age.” – Huff Post Vivian Diller, Ph.D. 01/31/2012

Such a beautiful, real smile.
Such a beautiful, real smile. Smiling has been shown to heal.

Losing Hair as a Non-Cancer Patient

As a non-cancer patient I had a recent brush with minor hair loss, as I was on methotrexate and Arava for my arthritis. It took me a while to notice it but when I did see my hair thinning I felt panicked. I rang my hairdresser in a flap about a few extensions to thicken it. And no one else had even noticed. Except that it was all over the carpet under my work desk and on the back of my chair. I am lucky enough to have the resources to add extensions (I ended up not doing it but would in the future). I was also lucky that I could stop the medicine immediately, and move to another one. I dyed my hair pink as a distraction and it is starting to thicken up and grow through.

TONI & GUY Pink ScissorProgram
TONI & GUY Pink Scissor Program

Losing Hair Due to Cancer Treatment

Now, put your shoes in someone who is facing survival decisions, with effective but harsh treatments making them sick, puffy or skinny, with absolutely no control over the disease, who can’t just change their medicine or they may risk their life. Hospital stays can make a person feel even less in control, even having MRIs which are huge noisy, scary machines, and generally being poked and prodded. Myself? I’d feel helpless, and would welcome some so called frivolous time pampering myself, trying to get back a sense of normalcy, or fun. Hair loss plays havok with the self esteem of millions of cancer patients worldwide. It is that sense of control over appearance th Pink Scissor Program helps address as well.

What is the TONI&GUY  Pink Scissor Program?

Pink Scissor Program By TONI & GUY trimming strategically
Pink Scissor Program By TONI&GUY trimming strategically
Client being pampered on her journey
Client being pampered on her journey

The TONI&GUY Pink Scissor Program offers extremely compassionate and specialst service, through hairdressing, to help these patients transition through the various stages of hair loss with dignity and empathy, helping to maintain a healthy self image at a very vulnerable time.

Pink Scissor Program By TONI & Guy Healths with Self Esteem during treatment
Pink Scissor Program By TONI & GUY Helps with Self Esteem during treatment

The TONI&GUY Pink Scissor stylists are specially trained in the emotional and professional skills for clients undergoing cancer treatment. TONI & GUY offer complimentary services to clients who go through the Pink Scissor Program.

Consultations can range from artful cutting to maximise hair remaining, colours and complimentary cutting and shaving as needed, with the emotional support that a client will need getting used to this phase of their treatment.

Image courtesy of Pink Scissor Program
Image courtesy of Pink Scissor Program

Pink Scissor Program also offers complimentary wig touch ups, to the fring side and back, from client when they purchase a wig from an approved supplier.

When patients come out the other side of treatment and their hair is regrowing, anyone who goes through the Pink Scissor Program will receive 20% off their first haircut afterwards.

Although TONI&GUY’s Pink Scissor Program launched in June 2017, so I am a little slow to spread the word but this is such a compassionate initiative I had to share.

Note: TONI&GUY are staunch supporters of Look Good Feel Better and the National Breast Cancer Foundation partnering with these causes, charities for the through Pink Scissor Program in their joint fight against cancer. Regular TONI & GUY Clients can also choose to support either Look Good Feel Better or the National Breast Cancer Foundation by adding just $2 to their hair service fee.

How To Book in For the Pink Scissor Program

To book in for a PINK SCISSOR PROGRAM service simply fill in the contact form on the page on their website, and your nearest TONI&GUY salon will be in contact with you.

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