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Photographic Trend – Shooting at Dusk

nighttime real estate photography

When you are marketing a house, the photography is vital to project the image of the home and the feeling the home evokes. Most photographers will do as asked, mainly as there isn’t millions of dollars set aside for photography, so they need to do the bare essentials on each property and work on volume not quality.

A trend I spotted on social media, in magazines and newspapers is shooting at dusk. Yes, you can only shoot one property per day when you work this way, but the effect is the show glamour, the inside and the outside, at the same time, and to stand out, glowing like a beacon in a sea of daytime photography.

If the property you are marketing is valuable, and let’s face it that’s pretty much every home in Sydney, it is totally worth investing in a photographer who “gets” evening lighting and how to make the house glow.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on this trend.



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