What You Need to Ensure a Luxurious Camping Trip

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Are you planning a family camping trip away but enjoy the more luxurious lifestyle?

The term ‘camping’ may give you the idea of sleeping on a thin foam mattress, in a sleeping bag with insects crawling all around you. However, with the right equipment and pre-planning, your family camping trip could be as luxurious as staying at a hotel.

When planning your camping trip there are three main areas you need to consider; accommodation, power and electrical accessories to ensure you have a luxurious trip.


Three of the most common forms of caravan park accommodation while on your camping trip include; camper trailers, caravans or tents. Each has their own list of benefits and limitations and while most luxury seekers will opt for a camper trailer or caravan, it’s important to remember that there are currently quite a few luxurious tents on the market.

·         Camper Trailer

There are a range of soft-floor camper trailers and hard floor camper trailers on the market, perfect to provide a luxurious family camping trip. Camper trailers offer you the luxury of space, while still being compact and hardened for the roughest of terrain. Most quality models even include a self-contained kitchen, sink, fridge and cooktops.

Compared to most caravans, camper trailers are great for the 4wd enthusiasts and off-the-beaten-track explorers offering large ground clearance and strong off-road suspension. The reduced size also makes storage and manoeuvrability much more manageable than their caravan counterparts.

·         Caravan

Family caravans also offer the luxury accommodation of a home away from home. Most conventional caravans are perfect for the family travellers looking to travel long distances, staying at caravan parks along the way. Caravans usually provide a generous sized double bed, bunk beds, kitchen, shower, toilet and all the necessities of a luxurious camping trip.

·         Tent

Although tents might be seen as the least luxurious accommodation option, there are some rather deluxe camping tents on the market. Visit your local camping specialists to see what range of tents they have available.


If you’re wanting to have a luxurious camping trip, electrical appliances are essential. However, before purchasing electrical accessories, you need to consider how you will power them. Two of the most common ways to power through your camping trip is by purchasing solar panels or dual batteries for your vehicle.

·         Solar Panels

Solar power is a naturally renewable source of power that works great for powering your electrical accessories while on your camping trip. After the initial purchase outlay, it is a complete free source of power, which also has minimal if any harm on the environment during use.

·         Dual Batteries

Although solar panels are a terrific way to provide electricity, depending on how many appliances you will be powering, they may not be able to cope with the required power load. That’s why you should install dual batteries in your vehicle. Dual batteries will ensure you have a constant supply of electricity to power your luxury accessories.

Electrical Accessories

·         Portable Fridge-Freezer

Portable fridge-freezers such as those made by Engel are super reliable and perfect to keep your food and beverages cold on your trip. They are especially ideal for long-term vacations where basic cooling such as ice wouldn’t last the distance.

·         Portable Electric Stovetop

Let’s face it, the usual camping food involving baked beans in a tin or trail mix just won’t cut it. Investing in a portable electric stovetop will have you cooking up a storm on your travels.

·         Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones

These, especially for millennials, are daily essentials that are needed for every camping trip. Even if you want your family to connect with nature and enjoy the environment, pack your electrical devices just in case of an emergency or if the kids are driving you nuts with boredom. If you’re still worried about how your kids will react while travelling, read some tips on how you can make camping with kids a breeze.

·         Electric Pump

Electrical pumps are a perfect way to make your life a breeze on holiday. With multiple uses such as powering your camping shower or blowing up your inflatable mattress, invest in an electric pump for your next trip away.