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Magical Mermaids Illuminate Awful Ocean Pollution

Ocean Pollution Illustrated By Mermaid Photography

It’s no secret that ocean pollution is an environmental disaster. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his beautiful art shot in and around water. Von Wong, passionate about cleaning up our oceans, has created a poignant series of beautifully styled images, to draw attention to the way humans have had a negative impact on the oceans. The beauty of the images is in stark contrast to the issue. The shoot was staged and shot last year.

Von Wong photography of mermainds to illustrate ocean pollution
Von Wong photography of mermainds to illustrate ocean pollution

According to the World Economic Forum 2016, around 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. The equivalent is that of tossing the contents of a garbage truck into the ocean every minute.

Mermaid photography illustrating ocean pollution by humans
Mermaid photography illustrating ocean pollution by humans

The images were staged in a studio, with thousands of plastic bottles in a variety of colours and patterns. The models were dressed and made up as mermaids, and they were placed within the beautiful but upsetting backdrops of plastic waste. The result was art that was both aesthetically pleasing, but also illuminating about ocean pollution by human beings. The goal was to draw attention to and continue the conversation around ocean conservation.

“I really wanted people to realize that within their lifetime, they would be personally responsible for generating 10,000 plastic bottles of waste,” Von Wong told HuffPost. “I wanted them to feel like they could make a personal difference … to talk to their close friends and family about it.” Benjamin Von Wong

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Plastic, plastic and more plastic.
Courtesy of Benjamin Van Wong
Courtesy of Benjamin Von Wong

Sign the petition to save our oceans.

Source: Benjamin Von Wong / Huffington Post / Trendhunter

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