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Making Money From Your Veggie Patch

Making Money From Your Veggie Patch

Think globally, act locally (and globally too, if you have the opportunity). There are a number of ways that people make money from home now. And, your little garden could be a missed opportunity if you aren’t taking advantage of the profit on the veggie patch. It might not seem like the biggest side hustle you’ve ever thought about – but just wait a moment.

Locally sourced produce is more and more often seen on the menu of most restaurants now. And what could be better than selling your fruit and veggies to be turned into a fine dining meal? To read more about how you can sell to indie food retailers and producers check out BigBarn’s Crop for the Shop option – or google for one that is local to you. People can use the online local food shop to find the fruits and veggies they are looking for. If your local pubs and restaurants use the same suppliers all the time, drop a basket of samples for them to try and pop back to have a chat.

If you would rather be out with other people, then a weekend farmers market might be precisely what you need. The people who head to a farmers market are looking to pick up some organically grown vegetables that are likely going to be used up pretty quickly. Making them the ideal buyers.

Specialize. There is nothing like an expert in their field. If there are particular forged items that are rising in popularity, have a go at growing them. Think about specialist herbs and edible flowers.

Branch out. Where you once grew cucumbers, you can grow flowers and offer unique hand-tied bouquets for weddings, or photo shoots.

Got a talent for taking photos? Make a habit of using your own produce in your Instagram photos, and tagging up local vegetable growers, or the writer of the recipe that you use to amplify its reach. Social media networking can be just as impactful as face-to-face when it is being done correctly.

If you are looking for a ‘cheap to grow but expensive to buy’ type of vegetable, think about asparagus, pak choi, and rocket. They have high yields, grow very well with little interference and make a substantial profit.

 let mother nature do most of the work to get started
Let mother nature do most of the work to get started

Remember The Rules

When you start earning money, you need to remember to inform the relevant authorities. Even if you just sell a basket of carrots to your next door neighbor, technically that is earning an income. If you are selling on stalls and at markets, you’ll also have to look into all the appropriate paperwork to enable you so sell safely, on the understanding your product is safe for consumption. Purchase the right tools for the job too, check online for shovels, hoes and fertilizer tanks for sale.

You can start this little enterprise from your own garden, and let mother nature do most of the work to get started. Seeds don’t take too long to sprout and if you book markets from around the time you are going to see a yield, you can sell your goods.



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