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Making Your Happy Employees Love You is Easier Than You Think

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If you run a business, I’m sure that by now, you’ve not only heard it said many times that it’s happy employees who make a company successful, but you’ve also realised it to be true.

If that’s the case, then you want to do all you can to make your employees feel included and valued – when your team is happy, they’re more productive and are able to better engage with each other and your customers. You need to be a clever and compassionate boss; a boss who’s universally loved for being fair, kind and generous, as well as consistent.

So, here are some simple strategies to be the best-loved boss ever and make your employees happy:

Don’t Put on a Superior Act

You might be the owner of the business, but you’re still just a person like everyone else who works for you. Your part in the business is not “above” the emploees. You would be nothing without them, and you need to remember this. If you want your employees to respect you and feel respected, then don’t place yourself in a category above them or put on airs and graces. Treat everyone as though they are an equally important cog in the machine that is your business. They will love and respect you for it.

Work at the Coal Face

You’re the boss. So chances are you’ll be busy with meetings and the like, but now and again, it’s a good idea to go down to the ‘coal face’ and work alongside your employees, helping them with their jobs and seeing just how hard they work. Doing this will allow you to acknowledge their hard work and look for ways of making things easier. Don’t be afraid to get in and help when needed. My former boss at Winning Appliances, “Woody” as he is affectionately known would think nothing of going and helping someone with their fridge or stove connection back when he was the CEO. Customers still remember him for it and so do the employees.

Give Them Perks

Of course, employees love to be well-compensated for their work, so it’s never a bad idea to give them some extra perks on top of their salary. This could be something as simple as a bottle of wine after they’ve pulled a tough shift or something more flash like their own company car, which you can find out more about by checking out the easifleet novated lease calculator. Of course, a bonus for good perfomance is always very welcome too. In fact, any effort you make to reward your staff for a job well done is sure to be appreciated. Taking an employee to an inexpensive lunch for their birthday or even a farewell will remain in the minds of employees, past an present. I left recently from Fuji Xerox, and I had to pay for my own lunch on my own birthday. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth for the entire company. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Ask for Their Suggestions

Asking your employees for their own suggestions on how their working conditions and practices could be improved and actually listening and taking action, even going above and beyond to make things better for them is sure to earn you best boss status. If the suggestion is used, reward that employee and give them credit. I recently went to a TAL insurance launch where an employee came up with the idea of TAL branded skin spot checks across beaches in Australia to cut back on melanoma deaths. This employee was named and praised for this wonderful idea.

Have a Policy of Honesty and Transparency

Good bosses create happy employees because they are always honest and transparent with their employees about their state of the business, the security of their jobs and what they can and cannot expect from their time working at the company. Whether it’s good news or bad, you should always aim to keep your staff informed. Keep secrets and make decisions behind their back and resentments will build. If the company is struggling, the employees with know. If there is a scandal as with Fuji Xerox when the MD was involved in false accounting and fictitious sales at Fuji Xerox Australia and NZ, everyone knew but no one had the courage to speak up because of the culture.

Create Happy Employees – Offer Them Your Support

Sincerely offering your employees your support, whether they’re having problems with a colleague, experiencing tough times at home or having issues with their health is the mark of a truly great boss who will be loved and remembered fondly long after an employee has moved on. I had a wonderful PA, Erica, who really went above and beyond with everything and helped take my business to the the next level and I still, years later give glowing references. Being a good boss continues long after your employee has left.

If you employ as many of these strategies to be a better boss (and person) as possible, you will get more respect and effort from your happy employees, build a more productive business and most importantly of all, have amazing working relationships. The workplace will be a place to come, do great things and enjoy the process.



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