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Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger

Make Your Small Home Feel Bigger

Want to make your small home feel bigger? Whilst you can physically add space with an extension, there could be cheaper ways of adding a sense of space. Here are just a few tricks that could make your home feel bigger.


Decluttering could free up space in your home and make it feel bigger. You may even have entire rooms full of clutter such as a loft or garage that can be cleared out to create a new living space. To help motivate you declutter, consider hiring a skip from a site such as and try to fill it. You may also be able to sell items for cash such as clothes, books and toys.

Prioritise floor space

How you use your space can also make an impact. Try to free up floor space by using more vertical space. For example, you could try using floating shelves instead of storage units and you could mount your TV on a wall instead of placing it on a TV stand. You may even be able to buy foldaway furniture – a dining table that folds away could give you lots more space in your home when you’re not eating. There are even foldaway double beds on the market available at sites like that could be perfect for a bedsit.

Put furniture on legs

Putting furniture on legs can make vacuuming easier, but it can also create the illusion of more space. By having more floor space on show, the room will feel bigger, even if this floor space isn’t usable. This could be something to consider with sofas and storage units.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of space. A large wall size mirror could help to reflect the room back and make it feel twice as big. This trick is often used to make poky bathrooms feel bigger. Mirrors can also be placed opposite windows to create the illusion of another window, which can add extra depth to a room (adding extra windows can also have this effect, but using mirrors is a lot cheaper!). You can shop for mirrors at sites like

Hang curtains strategically

Want to make a window feel bigger? There’s a trick that you can use to do this and involves how you position your curtains. First, you’ll want to add a curtain rail that’s longer than the width of your window. Then, place your curtains over the wall on each side so that they’re only just overlapping the window but mainly hanging over the wall. This will make your windows appear wider than they actually are.

Display large artwork

Large painting and photos can often help to add depth to a room. This is particularly the case with landscape art pieces. Wall murals and certain patterns of wallpaper can also sometimes have this effect.



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