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Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly For Spring

wildlife garden
Today we want to show you some of the ways you can bring wildlife into your garden and enjoy a vibrant outdoor space this year.

Having a garden is a huge privilege as a homeowner and it offers us a private space we can explore and enjoy at home while getting fresh air. 

Your garden needs to be a sanctuary where you are able to come at the end of the day or at the weekend and enjoy the sunshine as well as the company of your family. 

One of the ways to make the most of your garden and really make it feel like a feature of the home is to bring some wildlife to the garden and allow them to thrive. 

Today we want to show you some of the ways you can bring wildlife into your garden and enjoy a vibrant outdoor space this year. 

Clean the watering hole 

It is very important for you to clean your watering hole now and again to attract wildlife such as birds and mammals to the garden. When birds drink out of a bird bath or bowl they can often deposit dirt and other critters, as well as other debris and this sometimes ends up causing mould. You can often use warm water for this however now and again some Dettol will be needed just to clean the watering hole properly and make it hygienic for your animal visitors. 

Leave some wildness 

It is super important for you to prune your plants now and again to keep them healthy and allow them to grow – however you also want to leave a sense of the wild in your garden to attract animals. Animals like to have spots to hide in as well as make nests so leaving some of your garden a little wild is a good way to ensure they come back and make their homes with you. 

Put up a feeding station

If you want to bring animals into the garden and make them want to visit again and again, you need to feed them. A feeding station is super important to bring to the garden because birds will always remember which gardens offer food and they will come back again and again. This also counts for squirrels and other rodents, as well as other animals. You can consider also putting out cat food for hedgehogs and other small creatures to feed on. 

Leave a hole in the fence 

It is important if you are looking to attract animals such as hedgehogs, foxes, or toads that you leave a gap in the bottom of the fence and allow them to get in and out. The last thing you want is for an animal to be trapped in your garden not knowing how to get out. It is important for you to consider a hole in one of the back panels of your fence and this will make a big difference to the wildlife you see in your garden. 

Dig a pond 

One of the most obvious ways to attract animals to your home has to be building a pond. A pond will allow you to attract things such as frogs, newts, and more. 

Consider these tips to bring animals into your garden this year. 



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