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MAC’s Bold and Bad Lash Mascara

Bold and Bad Lash Mascara

Mac has released a mascara that offers the best of both worlds – Bold and Bad Lash Mascara has a wand for the upper and lower lashes. Ever had those black dots when trying to negotiate lower lashes, only to accidentally stick it in your eye so you blink as a reflex and cover your eyes in mascara? Or had to painstakingly apply the top lashes with a spindly wand, taking forever to build the mascara to add volume and length? I’ve gone through so many cotton tips (cue tips in USA) trying to fix those mascara mistakes because the wand I was using was too big for the fine bottom lashes and too small of the top lashes.

MAC's Bold and Bad Lash Mascara
MAC’s Bold and Bad Lash Mascara

The mascara, Mac’s Bold and Bad Lash Mascara, has a big fat wand to add volume to top lashes, and a fine wand for teensy lower lashes and precision application. The formulation is even different in the two chambers of the tube. 

Mascara has remained pretty similar since it commercial inception at the beginning of the 20th century by Max Factor and Rimmel (see my post on the History of Mascara), so brands are looking for angles to differentiate their product from other brands. The 2 main things that they can develop are the formulation and the applicator. The past 5 years has seen major variations in the shapes of the wand, to address a variety of lash solutions.

Clump free mascara needs a smoother formulation, whereas volume and lengthening mascaras need a thicker consistency often with added fibres. This can look great at the top of the lashes but creates a spidery effect to the bottom lashes. 

Another formulation creates a “tube” that envelopes the lashes and comes off smoothly, one such formulation being the Kevyn Aucoin version from Mecca.

The Mac Bold and Bad Lash Mascara addresses these issues so it is an all in one solution.

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