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Pretty In Pink – Rachel Parcell’s Little Pink Dress

Rachel Parcell is a women's clothing brand specializing in feminine and timeless pieces
Stunning Little Pink Dress in Blush Pink with Peonies by Rachel Parcell
 Stunning Little Pink Dress in Blush Pink with Peonies by Rachel Parcell
Ode to the elbow frill sleeve - Little Pink Dress
Ode to the elbow frill sleeve – Little Pink Dress
Coudl this collection Get any prettier?
Could this collection Get any prettier with the classic Little Pink Dress
Younger Teen Little Pink Dress by Rachel Parcell
Younger Teen Dresses by Rachel Parcell
Beautifully Unstructured Floral Bouquet
Beautifully Unstructured Floral Bouquet with a Little Pink Dress
Rachel Parcell, a women’s clothing brand, specialises in classical chic pieces in a beautifully feminine style. The designs are timeless and each will become a much-loved piece for special occasions.
The brand was founded in January 2016 by Rachel Parcell, of the blog Pink Peonies. Rachel’s signature feminine, classic style has captured the hearts of women around the world and now she is bringing that signature style to life by creating a full custom designed brand.
Rachel began her blog in 2011 and one of her very first posts featured a skirt that she designed and actually sewed herself (you can see that post here).
I was captivated by the feminine styles and how much they would match the rest of my wardrobe. I want one of each. 

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