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Likely AI – September 2017 App release


LikelyAI is an instagram game changer.

Why actually talk to each other when we have a digital world exploding with options with which to communicate this Ocotber 2017. Why would we meet up with someone for a coffee to just talk, engage empathetically with actual gestures and facial expressions (well, non-botoxed faces)?

Social media eclipses our real lives and is so much more exciting. You can look your best at all times, send super dooper funny gifs and post completely nonsensical copy due with auto correct. Being popular and showing it is completely essential this day and age, otherwise, well, you may as well not exist.

Predict the popularity of your Instagram posts wit LikelyAI

Jokes aside, Instagram has a new tool to rescue people from social media obscurity, ‘LikelyAI’. Algorithmically driven, ‘LikelyAI’ assesses the dozens of similar images that users inevitably take of the same subject. The tool then selects the one that will get the most traction.

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