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Is Your Relationship Working for You?

Is Your Relationship Working for You?

We all face trouble or grievances in our relationships at some point or another. No matter what social media shows us, no relationship is perfect and there are often bumps in the road. If you are experiencing issues, it’s always important to analyse whether you relationship is working for you and what you need to do to resolve or step away from the problems you’re experiencing. Here’s some information that can help you along the way!

Consider Your Options

If you’re considering breaking up with your partner, you need to fully consider all of your options. Is there a way that this could work and make you both happy with one another again? Couples counselling and family counselling can help you to seek advice and guidance on how to resolve issues that may be a point of contention within your relationship. Just remember that there are cases where relationships are irreconcilable. If you are experiencing abuse – physical, mental, financial or otherwise – or other issues, it is always going to be for the best to break up and give yourself freedom. If the issues in your relationship are actually minor, you could find it easy to resolve them.

Avoid Making Empty Threats

If your relationship is on the rocks, but you’re willing to work on it and can see things improving, it’s important that you don’t make empty threats to your partner in a bid to scare them into doing things in a way that you feel is better and more appropriate. If you regularly threaten a break up or divorce, but never go through with the process, you could suffer from the consequences of the boy who cried wolf and see yourself begin to not be taken seriously.

Take Care of Legalities

If you do decide to break up with your partner, it’s important to have legalities dealt with properly. In a non-marriage, this tends to be easier than coming out of a marriage. You can simply break up, negotiate things with one another and leave it at that. If you are married, you will have to go through divorce proceedings. Even in cases where you and your partner mutually agree to have a divorce, you do still have to be separated legally. This involves splitting assets, which can quickly become complex and problematic. Quality family lawyers will be able to help you with this process, ensuring that everything is split fairly and properly. They will also be able to help with child custody cases in both unmarried relationships and marriages.


Often, the main problem that people actually struggle with in relationships is open communication. Simply talking to your partner about your feelings, things that upset you, things that anger you, or other issues can make them aware of how their actions or behaviour is affecting you and can give you both the opportunity to adapt to make things better for yourselves and for each other. Open and clear communication is key.

These are just a few pieces of advice that should help you to determine what to do if your relationship is going through a rough patch. Hopefully, they will help you to come to the right resolve!



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