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Improve Your Self Confidence to Boost Your Career Prospects

Improve Your Self Confidence to Boost Your Career Prospects

Have you ever messed up an interview because you were so nervous? Perhaps you couldn’t think straight, or your voice was shaking. Maybe you watch colleagues around you get promoted while you remain stuck in the same job. Perhaps you often lose customers or clients when pitching to them because your lack of confidence prevents you from communicating as effectively as possible? Many of us fall victim to these kinds of things, and it can be really stressful. Thankfully there are ways you can make a change, and much of it starts with yourself. Here are some of the ways you can boost your self confidence, which will in turn improve your career prospects.

Think about your appearance

The way you look on the outside hugely affects the way you feel on the inside. If you’re in a bit of a style rut, haven’t changed up your look for years or just don’t make an effort like you used to then it’s certainly going to affect your self esteem. Invest a little time and money into yourself- look after your hair with the right products, purchase some new clothes and hit the gym so that everything fits you better. Stick to a skincare regime to keep your skin clear and youthful- if you struggle with acne, rosacea or other issues, speak to your doctor. It’s not about being shallow or vain, taking care of your appearance is important. Especially when it comes to professional settings, interviews and other career related things. Because first impressions matter. They matter so much, it could be the result of your getting that job, that client or that project instead of being passed over for someone else. You don’t have to be the most attractive person in the room, but you should always be well presented in a work setting.

Consider your body language

Another thing that people will pick up on as well as your appearance is the way you hold yourself. Body language is incredibly powerful. The way that you stand and move could be giving off all the wrong vibes if you’re not careful. Avoid defensive stances such as arms folded, and be careful not to give off too many signs of nervousness such as face and hair touching, leg bouncing and general fiddling.

It can be hard when you genuinely are nervous, but try and fake it you make it. If you’re clued up on body language, you can use it to your advantage and portray yourself in the most positive light.

Think about your posture, and stand tall. Height can make you look and feel powerful. Women can utilise this by wearing these days, men can too. Brands like Jennen Shoes can give you up to 7cm additional height in a way that’s not obvious.This can be a massive confidence booster whether you’re short or just want to be a little taller.

Practice verbal communication

Talking is something that should come easy. After all, it’s something we’ve been doing since we were young children. In practice however, this is often not the case; nerves, insecurity and a lack of practice in speaking clearly and professionally can all cause issues.

Verbal communication is so important when it comes to career. Even if the job you want isn’t customer facing or doesn’t require you to give presentations to clients, you’ll still need to be able to communicate effectively with your boss and colleagues and employers will be actively looking for people that express themselves well. It’s something they’ll be looking at in the interview. If you feel that this is an area that holds you back then you’ll be pleased to know there are things you can do about it.

First of all, work on improving your overall self confidence. When you feel good in yourself your speech will naturally flow more easily. Go to sessions and classes that focus on verbal communication.

You could go on a public speaking course if you really wanted to throw yourself in at the deep end! Not only will this help you in your career, but it’s self development that can benefit you in your daily life too.

Start investing time into self development

There are lots of ways you can practice self development, improving your skills and highlighting (then working towards) your goals. You could journal or write a blog as a way to express your thoughts, and help to make sense of your mind.

Journaling can give you clarity and more focus. This helps to bring any issues that are bothering you to the surface. You can and start to work on them. You could meditate. Meditating is great for relaxation, can prevent burnout. In fact, meditation has been scientifically proven to help mental and physical health. You could volunteer, start a new hobby, anything that’s going to help you improve your skills and get to where you want to be.

Spending time on yourself this way, and being able to see yourself go from strength to strength can really boost your self confidence. In combination with relaxation you’re likely to notice a huge difference.

Remember that you’re important, many of us are great at looking after but put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. Start taking care of yourself mentally and physically, working out what you want from life. Find new ways to go about it things can shift in a really positive way.

Have you ever been held back in life or work due to your self confidence? What kind of things do you think could you do right now which would benefit your self esteem and in turn, your job prospects?



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