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How To Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring

How To Make Sure Your Wedding Isn't Boring

Of course, your wedding probably won’t be boring for you. With love in your heart and a ring on your finger, your day will be made complete, no matter how dull the day is for everybody else!

But let’s think about those other people; your wedding guests, and how they feel about the day. The wedding day is all about you (and your beloved), but as your guests have turned up to support you, the least you can do is make their day a little bit special too. And, of course, you might want to do something a little bit different with your wedding; something that stands out amongst the glut of weddings that you and your guests might be attending this year.

With the above in mind then, here are some ideas to ensure your wedding isn’t boring at all.

How To Make Sure Your Wedding Isn't Boring
How To Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring
  • Think about the venue. Your budget will dictate where you hold your wedding, of course, but if your finances can allow it, you might go against the norm on your special day. Take a look at the private yachts at Event Cruises, for example, or consider renting out the grounds of a castle or another extravagant setting. But if your budget is small, you might still dress up the venue you use with some dramatic decor, so look online and gain some inspiration from the fun and creative examples set by others.
  • Streamline the day. Many weddings go on forever, so find ways to shorten proceedings, especially for the ‘boring’ parts. So, think about the ceremony, and don’t let it drag on longer than it should. When it comes time for the photographs, give surplus friends and family something to do while you have your miniature photo shoot. And at the reception, keep speeches to a minimum, so both you and your guests can get down to the important business of eating and drinking.
  • Do something for the kids. Your adult guests might not admit it, but the kids certainly will. Those blessed words of “I’m bored” are common from our little ones, so do something to entertain them. So, you might hire a childminder or an entertainer to keep them occupied during the day, or you might set up games and craft rooms, which will be especially useful in those spots in between the wedding and the after party. There are further ideas here, so have a look, and seriously consider them for your wedding.
  • Consider the entertainment. Have entertainment throughout the day, perhaps by hiring a magician or a clown to entertain people during the photo shoot and when seated at the reception meal. And think about the evening entertainment, perhaps taking a turn away from the usual disco by having something a little bit different, such as karaoke, a talent show, or one of these entertainment suggestions. If you have the budget, you might hire specialist turns to give your guests a treat, but if not, you might still have friends and family members skillful enough to provide the entertainment for you, so start to call in those favors now!.

So, eliminate the risk of a boring wedding day. Consider our suggestions, and use our ideas if useful. And let us know your thoughts too. If you have any other ideas for our readers, perhaps from your own wedding experiences (for good and bad), please share your wisdom with us to ensure all of our wedding days are fun and memorable.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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