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How to have radiant skin during isolation

Keep Your Skin Looking and Feeling Its Best
Taking care of your skin is a full-time job. Even if you don’t enjoy complicated beauty regimens, there are effortless ways to ensure your skin is radiant and glowing all year round. Take a look at our easy tips below to get great skin during isolation.

In order to have radiant skin during isolation, you need to approach your skincare from the inside and the outside. Remember that your skin is a reflection of your physical and mental health as well as how well to take care of it on a daily basis. As your body’s largest organ it is important to give it the care it requires, especially during these challenging times of COVID-19 social distancing and isolation.

1. Stay Hydrated during isolation

stay hydrated during isolation
Stay hydrated to have radiant skin during isolation

One of the most important aspects of developing healthy, vibrant skin is drinking enough water. A hydrated body means hydrated skin. If you’re dehydrated your skin may be dull, itchy, and fine lines like crows feet will be more apparent.

Need help staying on track of your water intake? Don’t worry, it is easier than ever to determine if you’re getting enough H2O. Try a cute water bottle with time stamps that’ll show you whether or not you’re on track for hydration during the day.

Or, try a water intake reminder app like Plant Nanny. It works like this: you press a button on the app at certain times of the day saying you drank the required amount of water so your plant gets watered, too. As the plant gets more water, it gets healthier and grows.

stay hydrated for glowing skin
Clipper tea infusions are great for those who prefer some taste to water

2. Drink Green Tea for antioxidants

One of the key areas of appearance optimisation is your skin, but if you don’t intend to spend hours on your skin every day, there are low-effort ways to achieve healthier skin. For example, drink tea!

Specifically, try to drink green tea because it boasts skin-nourishing content that can help reduce irritation, swelling, and redness. Simply sip on some delicious green tea once or twice a day to enjoy the benefits.

Not a fan of green tea? There are plenty of other teas that have health benefits, too – peppermint and rooibos, for example.

3. Practice Self-Care and De-Stress to have radiant skin during isolation

Stress can mess with your skin and can manifest in conditions like acne, hives, rosacea flares and other problems. While stress is sometimes unavoidable, there are activities you can practice to manage it (and help your skin, by extension).

How to Keep Your Skin Looking and Feeling Your Best
Practice mindfulness

Practice yoga to keep your skin looking and feeling its best

There are many yoga studios that offer free classes or trial weeks. If you’re not a fan of regular yoga, you can try hot yoga for a different spin.

yoga barre classes online
Aleenta Barre Online Yoga and Barre Classes

Aleenta Barre offers barre and yoga classes at home via the Aleenta Barre website and live classes through a Private Facebook Group. They also have equipment kits for barre, mat Pilates and yoga so you have everything you need to stay flexible, mobile and strong. The most popular pack is $70 and includes:

  • Yoga mat (choice of black or grey yoga mat)
  • Resistance band
  • Pilates Ball
  • 1kg weights

Hand write letters to friends and family who are on their own

Pick out some beautiful stationery and spend time writing out some letters to loved ones. They don’t have to be long letters, just write a few lines about why you’re thankful for the recipient.

Use social media to connect with family and friends during social distancing

The biggest danger during social distancing for your mental health is feeling alone. Solitude is one thing and some of us love it, but loneliness is something we don’t want to feel. Get on Facetime, Zoom, Skype or the plain old telephone and reach out to those who may be missing you, or that you miss. Have a party online using Zoom, make crazy Tik Tok dances, the sillier better. Just make sure you are connecting with others. We all need each other during this unprecedented time.

Take online classes while you have time

Keep an eye out on Groupon or Meetup for art classes available online. With so many businesses out of operation, many are going online and offering classes and tutorials so you can get those creative juices flowing. Whether you want to learn a language, develop your professional skills, learn to sew, make music or create a masterpiece, now is the time to take advantages of millions of apps and websites, offering amazing courses and skills.

Light a candle and read a favourite book

Relax with the divine MooGoo Vanilla Cream Candle
Relax with the divine MooGoo Vanilla Cream Candle $35.00

Figure out what your favourite scents are and invest in a high-quality candle. Set the mood with a candle and then dive into a favorite book.

Get moving from the comfort of home

Even if you just go a walk around your neighbourhood, being out in nature can be a boon to your mental state. Plus, a healthier lifestyle isn’t just good for you, it’s also great for your skin.

The Studio HQ has at home workouts to keep you fit
The Studio HQ has at home workouts to keep you fit

If you can’t get out of the house, there are many online platforms that offer in-home workouts, available with minimal equipment such as The Studio HQ. They offer online virtual classes, delivered by professional instructors, to help you to find your health and fitness balance. Choose between online classes and live-streamed virtual classes.

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep

At this time, it can be tempting to stay up all night and sleep in, especially for thos not working currently. But good sleep hygiene could not be more important at the moment. Keeping to a routine will not only make you feel more sane and benefit your mental health, but it will also reflect so you have radiant skin during isolation.

When you get a solid night of sleep, your body removes dead cells to be replaced by new ones. That’s part of the reason why you wake up so refreshed after a night of quality shut-eye. However, if you have a night of poor sleep, it can have deleterious effects on your skin’s appearance like dark circles and a duller complexion.

Need help getting to bed on time? Download Rain Rain Sleep Sounds if you need white noise to whisk you off to dreamland. Or, try Sleep Cycle which tracks your movements while your sleep to gently wake you when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep within a thirty minute window of your alarm.

5. Invest In Your Beauty Routine

Again, when you aren’t in public seeing people every day, it can be easy to let the little things slide. Skipping washing your face, forgetting to moisturise, not being religious with serums or masks…before you know it, your skin is lacking its lustre. Now is the time to practice self-care, especially for your skin. Routine being so vital in isolation, make your skincare ritual a relaxing and nurturing process that prepares you for your day ahead or relaxes you before bedtime.

Even if you’re not a YouTube influencer or brand ambassador, you may want to consider adding a set routine to your beauty schedule. If you haven’t heard of Korean beauty regimens, they’re usually a multi-step process that involves prepping, cleansing, and moisturising.

While you don’t have to commit to something complicated, simply spending time cleansing and moisturizing can be a relaxing way to end your day. And who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy it!

Ella Bache luxury skincare solutions

Ella Bache is one of the most well-known skincare brands in Australia, with salons in almost every area and products that are highly effective, targeted and stunningly formulated.

ella bache skin care

During this time of social distancing at home solutions can be specifically designed for your needs and lifestyle. They even have virtual consultations with fully trained beauticians, so you can bring the salon home.

Ella Baché is a highly reputable skincare brand with carefully curated routines to target your specific skin concerns. Each routine combines a series of products prescribed with care to achieve glowing, youthful-looking and feeling skin.

ella bache eternal _ replenishing day cream and eternal + regenerating night cream.
Ella Baché Eternal Skin Range – A totally luxurious and effective solution

If you do have the money to invest in one of the best skincare ranges in the world, put it to good use. For me, anti-ageing is my primary concern, so the Eternal + range fits the bill. Even after a few days of using these products, my skin feels plump and dewy and has its radiance back.

MooGoo Anti-Ageing Skin Care Pack

This delightful pack contains the keys to glowing skin, with natural actives and antioxidants that your face, neck and decolletage with love. Featuring their best-selling Anti-Ageing Face Cream. The gift pack also comes packaged with the loveliest natural and gentle face wash you’ll ever use, with a unique heart-shaped silicone face cleansing pad to help improve the texture of your skin. These must-have products will help to prevent fine lines, soothe and hydrate skin with proven anti-ageing ingredients: Resveratrol, Squalene and Natural Vitamin E.

moogoo antiaging kit

Milk Wash 100ml

A gentle cleanser with a formula that uses low-irritant coconut and glucose-based cleansers that are kind to sensitive, irritated skin.

Anti-Ageing Face Cream 75g

The best way to keep your skin looking young is to moisturise using creams high in anti-oxidants and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Face Cleansing Pad

Made with flexible silicone, this cleansing pad will gently massage the face and help deliver deeply clean results. The tiny bristles will stimulate your face while deeply cleaning your pores, helping to exfoliate and soften the skin. 

So you can have radiant skin during isolation: last thoughts…

Taking care of your skin doesn’t just mean that you’re taking off the makeup at the end of the day and using a gentle cleanser, it also requires you to take over yourself more holistically. So, drink plenty of water, make sure you sleep and find ways to manage your stress – you’ll be glowing in no time.



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