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How To Go Slower When You’re On Holiday

How To Go Slower When You're On Holiday

Slow holidays are the best way to travel in the modern area. From road-tripping for weeks at a time to spending at least a month in your new destination, slow travel will indulge your wanderlust and ensure you have the experience of a lifetime when abroad. 

But seeing as we’re usually on the move when travelling, planning something slower can be hard to get to grips with. So if you’re someone who’s finding it hard to think about ways to pack out a longer holiday, feel free to check out the tips below. 

Extend Your Time Away By Another Week

The more time you have, the slower you can go. And whilst that might mean you have to take off more time from work, it will ensure you have an amazing experience you might never have the chance to go on again. 

As such, try to add another week to your holiday schedule. This will let you really take your time wherever you’re visiting and may enable you to set down some roots by making new connections or finding a favourite place to eat. 

Try Out Different Modes of Travel

The more ways you travel, the bigger the slice of life you get. So when you’re trying to travel slowly, make sure you stray away from the airport and get into a taxi, on a boat, and even a Rovos train too. If you slow it down and take it mile by mile, you can cram a lot more adventure into your time away, and find out a lot more about the country you’re visiting. 

Think of it like this: if you simply get on the ground, you’ll be able to take a lot more photos, try a lot more foods, and even get up close and personal with some friendly wildlife! 

Go on Hikes as Often as Possible

Hiking is one of the slowest and most exhausting ways to travel, but also one of the best. You get to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting to know the local biome, but you have to walk and walk and walk until your legs fall off! 

But some places are only available to visit on foot, or are best seen when hiking – Machu Picchu is one such example. Lace-up your walking shoes, pack some snacks, and then spend a good couple of hours heading through trees and across plains. 

Head to as Cultural Events as Often You Can

Cultural events, like festivals, concerts, and marches are all great things to try out when you’re travelling slowly. This way you get to surround yourself with the local culture and learn more about your destination, and it’s always a lot of fun to try new food and drink. Plus, the more you turn up at these events, the more likely you are to make friends! 

Going slower on holiday is a great way to make memories you’ll never forget! 



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