How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

Choosing a business name is one of the first tasks you’ll have to complete when starting up, and, coincidentally, it is also one of the most important. In an ideal world, a company with a great product, thorough business plan, and impressive customer service should be successful and make a healthy profit each month, but, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and, sometimes, this is down to the name. A name can make or break your small business, so it’s vital that you get it right. To help you with this, here are a few useful tips.

How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business
How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Business

Trust Your Own Judgement

When it comes to naming your business, it’s vital that you trust your own judgement, rather than asking for suggestions from everyone you know. After all, only one name can be picked, which means that you’ll have to disappoint countless other people, and this could lead to tension. Of course, you can ask for opinions on names that you’ve come up with but only consult with those you really trust to give you an honest opinion.

Avoid Anything Too Personal

Unless you’re already a successful business person, you should probably avoid incorporating your own name into the name of your business. I understand that it’s a tempting idea, but it’s far from original, and won’t stand out in a crowd. You should also avoid adding any puns or words with obscure meanings to your name, as your customers won’t understand. After all, you’re hardly going to be memorable if your market doesn’t get your name.

Think Of A Pun

That being said, if you can come up with a pun that customers will understand, then you should consider going for it. Of course, you might want to swerve anything too cheesy or shocking, like “Plaice Station” or “Frying Nemo” for a fish and chip restaurant, as this could put customers off, but there are plenty more clever puns out there that will help to real them in. Take a look at for some inspiration.

Put Away The Atlas

Put away the Atlas
Put away the Atlas

A popular trend among entrepreneurs is naming your company after the town, city, region, or state you live in. For example, a tow truck company in Toledo could be named Toledo Towers. The problem with this is that it could affect the growth of your company, as most customers would assume that you only do business in the area mentioned in your name. If you want to avoid this problem, then you should stay away from location themed names completely.

Don’t Get Too Complicated – KISS principle

While your passwords should be complicated, your business name definitely shouldn’t be. After all, you want your customers to be able to remember you, and that won’t happen if your name features latin, special characters, and numbers. Complex titles will only confuse your market, and this will make it difficult to grow. Stick to things that they can actually understand, and you’ll go a whole lot further.

Check The Lowercase

Once you’ve got a few ideas of names you like, it’s important that you check how these names look when they’re in lowercase and URL format, as they could appear very differently. For example, a name like Cars Exchange seems perfectly innocent and to the point when it’s got its capital letters, but without them, it comes out as, which doesn’t have the professional vibe you were probably after initially.

Make Sure To Search

After eliminating all of the names that don’t quite work in URL format, it’s crucial that you check to see if the names you currently have on your list are available for registration. You can do this on a number of websites online, with being just one of them. It’s vital that you don’t use a name that conflicts with one of another business, or you could find yourself facing a lawsuit, in which case, you may have to change your name anyway.

Consider Asking An Expert

Coming up with a great name for your business is no simple task, so don’t worry if you’ve got to this point and are still struggling for ideas. However, if you have, then you may want to consider speaking to an expert. Unfortunately, professional naming agencies are often quite expensive, but considering the fact that your name can and will affect the success of your business, it may be money well spent.

Your company name is vital for business, so use the tips above to get yours just right.


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