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Be Honest: Are You In the Wrong Career?

are you in the wrong career

Nobody wants to feel like they’re living a life that doesn’t quite feel right to them. This feeling can occur in all aspects of our living, but it gets pretty complicated when it comes to our career. For one thing, we’re not normally able, due to financial reasons, just to quit a job if it doesn’t feel right. And for another, we’re often told that work isn’t supposed to be fun, so if we’re not happy we usually just accept that that’s how things go at work. However, despite those two factors, it’s important to look within and ask whether you really are in the right career. Here’s how.

A Split Personality

Do you arrive home from work, and suddenly burst into life, even though you’ve spent the past eight hours walking around with a miserable look on your face? You’re not always going to be happy on the job, but your professional life and personal life should, at the very least, feed into one another. If you feel like you’re two different people depending on the time of day, it’s probably not the right fit.

Wrong Values

Sometimes, it’s the not job that’s the problem. It’s the attitude and values of the company that we work for. If you’re young, cool, and progressive, then spending all day, every day working for an outdated company with traditional values will eventually lead to an identity crisis. Instead, find a company that you really believe in. Even traditional industries can have forward-thinking ideas. If that sounds appealing to you, check out Youi vacancies; it’s a company likely to reflect your mindset. You don’t always have to shift your talents too far to find another job – you just need to find a company that brings out the best in you.

Phoning It In

There’s a pretty big giveaway that you’re no longer all that interested in your current job. It’s when you go to work, sit there for eight hours doing the bare minimum, and then return home. This is what some people called “phoning it in”; you’re there, but you’re not engaged. Clearly, whatever the job is, it is no longer giving you same challenge as it once did. Leave it behind, and find something that will push you to be more. There’s always something to be said for jumping off the cliff and finding something new.

Security Goals

Of course, many people do stay in jobs they know isn’t quite right for them for one simple reason: it provides financial security. Now, that’s not something that you should take likely. However, it isn’t something you should automatically bend to, either. If the money it brings in is the only benefit of your job, then get to saving. If you can have six months of salary in the bank, you’ll have enough breathing room to leave your job and find something you enjoy more.

You only get one life: make sure you’re doing something you love. No-one ever regrets leaving a bad situation behind!



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