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Going It Alone: Why You Don’t Need to Rely on Anyone Else for the Home of Your Dreams

Going it alone

We live in a society where we are expected to be co-dependent on others. So much so that many of us are convinced that we cannot live alone. Sure, moving out with a partner may be a whole lot more simple than going it alone. You have someone to split the bills with. You have company when you return home each night. You have a constant means of support through the moving process as someone else is going through the exact same thing with you. But what about those of us who don’t have a partner? Or merely prefer a little space to ourselves? Those of us who like to retire to peace and quiet after a long day at work, not having to argue with someone else about a mess, designated chores, and other dull parts of cohabitation. The truth is that if you want to live alone, there is nothing stopping you! You can have just as wonderful a home and quality of life as anyone who decides to go halves on the experience with someone else. The potential is there in your hands. So, if this sounds like you, here’s everything you need to know and consider when it comes to finding a place of your own.

Rent or Buy

Deciding whether to rent or buy can be one of the most difficult decisions for someone who has made the decision to get a home to themselves. Renting is great at first, especially if it is your first place since moving out of your parents’. It allows you to get a taste of independent living without committing to anything too heavily. However, many people living alone are discouraged from buying. They are asked what they will do if they do decide to let someone move in and end up needing somewhere bigger. The short answer to this? If your circumstances do change, you can always sell and move into a more suitable property. Don’t let anyone put you off buying. In the long term, for the majority of people, it is a much more profitable option to buy. Instead of throwing your money away paying your landlord’s mortgage, you’re paying off your own. So, start searching for Apartments for sale and don’t let self-doubt or concerns about the future put you off finding your dream home that you can truly make yours.


A huge benefit of living alone? No compromise! You can have exactly what you want from your home without having to bow to another’s wants and needs. This includes the location of your chosen property. It can be near everything that you want. If you’d like somewhere close to your place of work, go for it! If you prefer a bit of distance? That’s fine too! Do you frequent a certain area of shopping, socialising, or eating out? Take a look at properties in that area. The location of your home is entirely down to you. While the price may be a determining factor on which property you finally settle in, you will generally be able to get something in your desired location that is suitable.


A major worry for those who decide to go it alone is the deposit that you’ll need to put down on your property for a mortgage or rent safety deposit. This, of course, is unavoidable. But don’t stress too much. You just have to learn to be patient. You may not be able to move into the property of your dreams straight off the bat. You may have to remain home with your parents for a little longer, going out less and saving more. That, or you might have to find a house share for a while. But think how rewarding it will be once you finally have the place that you want. The wait will truly be worth it. A year or two saving is definitely worth having the home of your dreams for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you could take out a loan and sublet a room in your property until you have paid your deposit off. This way, you get your new place a little faster. Just be certain to do full background checks on anyone who may be moving in with you.

As you can see, there are certain sacrifices that will need to be made when saving up the deposit for your very own property, but the rewards are bounteous. So, the next time that someone tries to tell you that you can’t go it alone take no notice. It’s perfectly possible and could be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!



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