How to Get the Home You Always Wanted

dream house

Everyone has a dream home. It might be a little house with a couple of bedrooms and a long veranda looking out onto the sea; it might be a large house to fit you and all your children as well as a granny flat for your parents.

Whatever you want, there are two large steps you need to make in order to get the process going: first, you need to find the right piece of land and then you can start designing your dream.

Find the Right Piece of Land

When you are planning to build your own home, you should always look for the location first. This is because the location will influence every aspect of the design of your house from the floor space to the orientation. The site you choose may also force you to make some changes to what you thought you wanted. For example, if you find the perfect site by the sea but it comes with a steep incline, you may need to change the design of your home to accommodate that.

When you consider different locations there are a few things to think about. First, you need to decide whether this is a realistic place for you to live conveniently. Is it near enough to work? Will your kids be close to their school? Do you like the neighbourhood? These questions will also help to establish where you should be looking. For example, there will only be a certain area that is 30 minutes max from all your regular destinations.

Design the Perfect House

The next step is to take the location you have chosen and think about everything you need to have and everything you would like to have in an ideal world. While you may not be able to achieve everything on your ideals list, having both will indicate what is most important to you and what you would like to prioritise.

You should also look at some other example designs. Companies like Coral Homes are a great place for inspiration as they match the ideal location to the perfect home design. Looking at what they do could give you plenty of ideas for your own home – or you might even find the thing you want!

Once you have an idea about what you want, you should always consult with an architect. Not only will they be able to bring new ideas to the table and find ingenious ways to compromise so that you achieve as many of your ideals as possible, but they will also ensure that your house will stand once it is constructed. Bringing an architect on board is always a good idea as a new builder as they will also be able to recommend a project manager and keep tabs on the project themselves too.

Once you have the location and the design, you can think about the fixtures and fittings you would like. These design touches will add class to your house and make it feel so much more like a home. And, since the build always seems to go faster than anticipated, you need to be ready!


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