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How To Get Customers Returning

How To Get Customers Returning

Many business owners are so focused on attracting new customers that they forget about their old customers. Getting these old customers to return could help you to run a steadier business. The most effective way that you can encourage return customers is to offer good service that has people eager to come back for more. However, there are other tricks that can also help to encourage return customers.

Introduce loyalty schemes

One way to encourage people to return is set up some kind of loyalty scheme. This could include a discount for any return customers. In retail shops and cafes, loyalty cards are often an effective way of encouraging people to return. These may allow customers to collect points, after which they’re given a discount or a freebie. You can also do this with online stores by getting people to set up accounts and giving them points for every purchase.

Keep people updated on social media

The likes of Facebook and Twitter are great for encouraging return customers. These social media platforms give you a place to post news on promotions and new services. Previous customers who follow you on social media may be prompted to return after seeing some of the promotions you’re offering. It’s the same as writing promotions on a chalkboard for passers-by to see only social media gives you access to a much larger audience.

Send customers alerts and updates directly

If you have the contact details of past customers such an email address or phone number, you may be able to message them with alerts and updates in order to try and entice them back. You can text multiple previous clients at once by using a bulk SMS solution for enterprises. There are also mass emailing services which can achieve the same thing via email. You can even post flyers to addresses of past customers. Make sure that you give people a choice to opt out of these alerts as some people may find it spammy and irritating.

Keep tabs on your competition

If your competitors are offering better deals, you could be losing past customers to these companies. Make sure that you’re always trying to beat deals of rival businesses or at the very least offering services that single you out. If you offer the same or less than other businesses out there, you’re unlikely to inspire much loyalty. Keep tabs on your competition by following them on social media, regularly visiting their website and even making visits to their premises if they happen to advertise promotions outside.  

Don’t neglect unhappy customers

Even your unhappy customers can be turned into return customers. If you get negative feedback, respond with an apology and consider offering a discount if they ever return. Most customers, no matter how bad their experience was, will take up this offer. This could be a public response to a negative review on Trip Advisor or a private response via email or in-person at your premises.



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