Garden Timber Projects for the Summer

Garden Timber Projects for the Summer
Timber is high quality, durable, and perfect for various garden DIY projects that will keep you busy and pay off this summer.

If you feel your garden is lacking a bit of interest or you think you can somehow add value to it, you should think about the possibilities of architectural timber. This timber is high quality, durable, and perfect for various garden DIY projects that will keep you busy and pay off this summer. 


You know best what your garden needs this summer. It might be a shed or deck, but equally it could be some good fencing. Fencing is very important to reduce the noise in your garden, maintain privacy, and break the wind. It’s best to use quality timber for your fence. 

There are several ways you can build a garden fence. Use long fence posts and large boards to make one that’s private  or tilt it slightly to break the wind. You might also add shelves to display garden plants. 


In most gardens space is at a premium. Even large gardens that seem to have all the space required might find it difficult to integrate certain features. That’s one of the reasons raised beds are so popular – they save space and add features. 

One of the most common uses of Timbeck Architectural timber is to create raised beds for gardens. These features allow you to close off the area of the garden to grow flowers or vegetables. They are simple to make and give your garden some new and interesting dimensions. 


Why would you want to build a timber tool shed from scratch when you can easily buy a prefabricated one from the local garden center and set it up more quickly and with less hassle? The fact is there are many reasons you would want to do this. 

Although prefabricated sheds have their advantages, they have just as many drawbacks. You have to compromise space for a start, and there’s no guarantee you will get the style you need to suit your garden. This can all be achieved with a DIY build. 


If you have the know how to build a garden shed then you’re not too far off a log cabin. Architectural timber is excellent for building log cabins in your garden for a range of purposes. They can be outside sitting rooms or even saunas. 

For this project you will need a design and some strong DIY skills. There’s no point in investing in timber if you don’t know how it’s all going to fit together. If you don’t have the skills but still want the cabin, you can always hire a professional. 


If you have some DIY skills but feel the prospect of a log cabin is too daunting, why not try a herb garden. A herb garden is a small simple DIY project for the summer that will add value to your garden and produce some quality produce. 

There are many designs for herb gardens. You could have small raised beds or create plots in your garden using architectural timber to make partitions. Herbs grow quickly and easily and are excellent for adding to meals or making tea. 


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