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Garden Screens: Great Ideas for Style and Privacy

Garden screens

Garden screens are a great way to add privacy to your outdoor space if you’re overlooked by neighbours. They can also be used in a decorative way when you’re landscaping your garden. Use screens to section off different areas of your outdoor living space, provide shade, hide a compost heap or pool pump, or create a decorative feature that can transform your outdoor space into something special.

You can buy purpose-built garden screens, or if you’re up for a more DIY approach, you can also make garden screens from almost any material. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

1. Screening Plants and Hedges

Hedges are nature’s screen and will provide you with an attractive way to section off different areas of your garden, or provide you with more privacy.

It can take time to grow a hedge and for it to thicken out, so keep that in mind – this is not an option for the impatient! Once your hedge has grown, you can control the height and shape with pruning. Some popular fast-growing plants for hedges include Lilly Pilly, Viburnums, and bamboo.

Training climbing plants to grow on a fence or trellis is another way to create a natural screen. Climbing roses, Jasminoides, and Hardenbergia all provide fast coverage and attractive flowers and foliage.

2. Bamboo Screening

Bamboo is a cost-effective and natural material that can be used to create fences and screens and works particularly well in tropical-themed gardens.

Bamboo comes in many different sizes and you can opt for a solid screen made of large pieces of bamboo, or thin strips of split bamboo that will let the light through, such as that used in bamboo blinds.

3. Composite Timber Screen

Composite timber screening looks like wood but is much more hardwearing and longer lasting. It’s ideal for outdoor areas that are subjected to harsh weather and there’s no need to paint or stain – the screens come ready to install.

These screens come as pre-cut panels in a number of different textures and colours, so there’s sure to be a style to match your garden design, whether you prefer traditional or modern.

4. Trellis-style Wooden Screen

Trellis and lattice screens are inexpensive and versatile materials that can be used to create a fence or screen when you don’t need complete privacy and prefer to be able to see a little of the space behind.

They also provide the ideal surface for vines, creepers, and other climbing plants and can be stained to match other wood in your garden or painted a colour of your choice.

5. Decorative Metal Screens

Metal screening is becoming more popular in garden design and is an effective way to both add more privacy to your outdoor space and to create an artistic feature in your garden.

Parasoleil panels are laser-cut metal panels that feature patterns and designs of holes to let the light through and make an eye-catching feature.

These panels are available in a range of colours and finishes (including natural rust for that lived-in look) and will last for many years without any maintenance needed.

6. Glass Brick Screen

Glass bricks are more commonly used inside in the bathroom, but a glass block wall can be very effective in the garden too.

Screens made from glass blocks will provide privacy by obscuring what’s on the other side, without needing to lose any light. They’re also available in many colours and designs so you can create a real decorative focal point in your outdoor space with them.

A budget alternative to glass blocks is by upcycling glass bottles by cementing them in place to create a wall. This won’t let in as much light as a glass brick screen but will add an interesting artistic touch to your garden.

Get More Ideas

There are so many innovative and creative ways to add screens in your garden. Visit your local gardening or home display centre for more ideas or look online for inspiration to fit your space.



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