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Fresh Content: How To Increase Your Home’s Privacy

Privacy is a luxury desired by many, especially as life can get busy and the world can often feel crowded.

Privacy is a luxury desired by many, especially as life can get busy and the world can often feel crowded. According to a recent survey, roughly 90% of Australians care about their privacy. Your home can be a great place to enjoy this, but while it can serve as a retreat where you can unwind and tune out the noise, it can also be hard to enjoy the sanctuary you seek if your home is built near a busy street closer to your neighbours. However, with a few steps, you can add some extra privacy to your home. Below are nine ways to do so.

  1. Plant trees and shrubs 

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If you’re looking to create a welcoming retreat in your backyard, planting trees and shrubs is a fantastic way to boost your privacy and beautify your garden at the same time. A landscape designer can help you create a custom plan using a mix of evergreens and leafy plants such as boxwood, privet, yew, Leyland cypress, holly, and bamboo. They can even incorporate mature trees to give you instant privacy, all designed to perfectly suit your needs. 

  1. Add a permanent wall 

Consider building a striking permanent wall if you want added privacy. A permanent wall might cost more than a fence, but concrete or stone is built to last. These can also double up by sorting out any drainage issues in your yard and stopping soil erosion. Imagine a chic concrete wall that can add a touch of modern class to your home and give you all the privacy you need. You can also leave it exposed to show off the natural colour and texture for a pretty neat appeal. 

  1. Vertical garden 

Living walls are loved by many these days, with fancy names like vertical gardens or moss walls. They are basically plants growing on your wall, inside or outside. Indoors, they create a natural, calming vibe, while outside, they soak up the sunshine and thrive. Few companies make these as they are grown on special panels using hydroponics with fancy watering systems. The coolest part is vertical gardens have been around for ages. A typical example is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which is basically a giant vertical garden. 

  1. Custom gates 

Custom gates are tailored solutions for homeowners seeking increased privacy. Unlike the standard gates, the custom ones allow for precise design modification to suit your particular needs and preferences. That means you can choose the height, style, and even material to match your home. You can also incorporate designs and features that allow you to block prying eyes and keep your space secluded. The good news is that there are several gates you can choose from, whether you want to focus on aesthetics or durability while enjoying an elevated level of privacy to provide the peace of mind you need. 

  1. Solid fences 

Solid fences are loved by many for the privacy they offer. Suppose you recently completed a new pool, and more people are suddenly keen on poolside chats. In that case, a good fence is the quickest way to create your private oasis. However, it would be best to check in with the authorities on fence height before installing one in your home. Fences are also a great option for tight side yards, taking up less space than a hedge. Plus, you can choose a style that complements your house and stain it to match. While a big solid fence can look a bit bland, you can break it up with a fancy lattice or picket top and soften it with some bright shrubs or evergreen beauties planted out front. 

  1. Cover your windows 

Window coverings are a great way to enhance your home’s privacy. Blinds, curtains, privacy film, or anything that blocks the view provides an instant sanctuary. They come in all sorts of styles, so you can find something that suits your taste and the amount of light you want to let in. Just remember, blackout curtains mean you can’t see out either, yet it can be a good choice if privacy is all you seek. Plus, some options like frosted film are super affordable. 

  1. Panels and pergolas 

Panels and pergolas can create a private space for entertaining people or relaxing outdoors. They are particularly useful when you feel like your backyard is on display. Imagine a shady pergola covered in climbing vines or a deck screened with lattice panels. Prefab pavilions are another option, and you can add potted plants for an extra layer of privacy. Even a bit of creativity with fairy lights and climbing plants can transform a boring patio into a private haven. 

  1. Try container gardens for deck privacy 

Potted plants are your new best friend for some extra privacy around your deck. Get yourself some tall beauties like arborvitae or clumping bamboo, plant them in pots with wheels or light materials, and position them around your deck for an instant privacy screen. This way, you can create a lush hangout spot and easily move the plants around when you need to throw a party or fix your deck. Also, you may grow a blend of ornamental grasses, showy annuals, dwarf evergreens, and shrubs that change leaf colour during the fall, offering a mix of texture, shades, and foliage for a lasting container display. 

  1. Use fountains to mask noise 
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You cannot underestimate the power of a water feature when you have noisy neighbours or irritating traffic close to your home. A trickling fountain can drown out unwanted sounds with calming white noise. There are options for every taste and budget, from tabletop fountains to statement wall features. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. After all, a roaring fountain can be just as annoying as the noise you’re trying to block. So, find a happy medium with an adjustable pump for a gentle gurgle.

The above steps are terrific ways to add privacy to your home. After trying them, you can enjoy the serenity and calming atmosphere you want for you and your family. 



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