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Fresh Air For Fresh Cooking: Your Kitchen

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A fresh kitchen design is guaranteed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. That’s why you need to make air movement and air management a core element of your renovation project.

Creating a kitchen that makes a difference can transform the atmosphere in the house. What the right kitchen is, differs from a house to another. We all have our own expectations, needs, and preferences. Therefore, the list of reasons to renovate your kitchen is constantly growing. Some households need to tackle new priorities and consequently update their kitchen to fit new purposes. Some families are concerned about energy consumption and want a green kitchen as a result. Regardless of what triggers your kitchen renovation project, you need to be conscious about making the new kitchen feel fresh. 

Indeed, the last thing you want is for your kitchen to send the wrong vibe about cooking. A fresh design is guaranteed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. That’s why you need to make air movement and air management a core element of your renovation project.

Keep it cool when you cook

A fully equipped kitchen is likely to raise the temperature in your home. Indeed, using the oven or the hob adds new sources of heat to your interior. During the colder months of the year, a homemade gratin or stew warms up both your body and your home. Yet, using the oven during the warmer months can be unpleasant. Therefore, it’s essential to install an AC unit to prevent unwanted heat from affecting your home comfort. The kitchen also produces a lot of tiny particles through the cooking process. Many of these tend to be captured by the air filter inside your AC unit. You need to keep a 24 hour AC repair contractor on speed dial as the air filter can get clogged up quickly. 

Filtrate tiny particles

Unfortunately, the more you use the kitchen, the more it contributes to indoor air pollution. While an AC unit can get rid of some particles, your AC system isn’t fit for the purpose. When you cook, you generate both particles and nitrogen oxide, which are some of the most harmful pollutants you can find outdoors. 

Therefore, it’s not uncommon to add an air purifier to the design of the room. Some of the best air purifiers for the cooking area can help get rid of cooking smells, lingering smoke particles in the air, and dust. 

Do you need a window?

Not every kitchen has a window. Yet, if the renovation project gives you the option of adding one, you should seize it. A window can significantly improve your kitchen space by adding a source of natural light and introducing a new ventilation method. Windows may not be necessary, but they are a desirable structure in a kitchen. They promote easy and quick air movement. They also naturally make the room feel fresh and inviting through natural sunlight. 

Making it smell fresh

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to add home fragrances into your kitchen. Essential oil diffusers could interfere with your cooking, making it hard to season or prepare dishes when you can’t rely on your sense of smell. Yet, if you want to surround yourself with natural fragrances, you can use kitchen herbs and fresh spices. Spices are also a neat addition, as they can be boiled gently in a saucepan of water to remove lingering cooking odours. 

Regardless of your kitchen design, creating a space that can stay fresh when you cook is a game-changer. From proper air ventilation to air filtering, adding freshness to the room can be achieved in many ways. 



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