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Download your free social media strategy checklist…

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Note: (I am not a lawyer, but I have seen many issues with new entrepreneurs not checking this): Registering a business name in Australia does not mean you own the trademark. ASIC does not search trademarks when it allows you to register a business or company name. You need to do a search and make sure someone is not already trademarked your business or company name.

In The USA there is a thing called common law which means if you have been using a business name long enough trademark recognition is automatic in most cases.

Business Name Registration

Once you have ensured your business name isn’t already trademarked, then you should also register you business name.  As per the ASIC Website

“Registering a business name does not give the holder exclusive name rights. The holder may be subject to legal action for using a business name that has the potential to mislead the public.”

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