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Five Things to Consider Before You Choose a Warehouse for Your Business

Five Things to Consider Before You Choose a Warehouse for Your Business

If you are selling goods on the internet or are national or regional wholesaler, sooner or later you will need warehousing facilities. You might be already looking at different leasing and purchasing options, but – to make the right decision – you have to consider the long term plans and needs of your business. Your warehouse needs to be convenient, safe, and easy to access. Find a list of things to check before you sign the dotted line.

1. Location and Transport Links

First of all, you will have to check how easy it is to access your new warehouse location from the highway, and how central it is to most of your customers and suppliers. You are more likely to get a good deal on shipment if you choose a location that is easy to access for contractors and clients as well. If you offer delivery, you will be able to reduce the cost of transportation and storage, too.

2. Loading Facilities and Parking

If you would like to save time and money, you will want to make sure that all the facilities are there, including ramps and parking for deliveries. Access will be important for your delivery companies, and you have to make loading and unloading, storage, and handling of goods as effective as possible.

3. Security

Security and fire safety of warehouses are also important. You will have to get a full safety and risk assessment completed before you would bid on any commercial real estate. Chances are that you will have most of your business assets stored in the warehouse. If the electrical system fails and there is an accident, or a leak occurs that damages your goods, you will need to pay for the loss out of pocket, unless you have insurance. You might also consider a warehouse security system installation to protect your goods.

4. Design and Customisation

Five Things to Consider Before You Choose a Warehouse for Your Business
Five Things to Consider Before You Choose a Warehouse for Your Business

Even if the building is not perfect, there might be some cheap options to turn it into a perfect warehouse for your business. You must check whether you will be allowed to modify the layout and install additional shelving and lighting. You will also have to get an office to handle deliveries, and might consider commercial office fitout solutions.

5. Facilities

Independent on how many employees you will have working in the warehouse, you will need to provide them with basic facilities. If your building is in a remote location, you might consider installing a canteen or kitchenette. You will also need a First Aid room, a training and meeting room, and washrooms as a minimum. Whatever you are looking to install, you are likely to need custom fitting to suit your business needs and your employees’ expectations.

Whether you are a wholesaler or an online retailer, it is important that you reduce your shipping and storage costs after growing your business. Acquiring a warehouse can have several benefits for your business. To make sure you are choosing the right commercial real estate, consider your current and future business needs.



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