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The Five Steps To Cleaning Your Rental Property Before Moving Out

The Five Steps To Cleaning Your Rental Property Before Moving Out

We all need methods to clean our home quickly and easily, but when we are moving out of our property, we need to make it as clean as possible before we leave. Especially if you are renting a property, when it’s not cleaned to a certain standard, it could give you some issues in getting your deposit back. So, how can you make sure that you get your property as clean as it was when you first moved in?

Step One: Document

A Very simple thing to do when you first move in, take pictures of every room and keep them stored on file. So, you can check these photos against the inventory that the letting agency provided, but also when you move out, you can potentially save yourself a lot of work in cleaning up the property so that it looks sparkling. If the property wasn’t in a good state when you first moved in, you’ve got a record of this.

Step Two: Getting Rid Of The Stains

This will be the big issue when moving out, naturally as time goes on; homes are subject to wear and tear, and one or two spillages! So, you either want to think about investing in a carpet cleaner company, like Electrodry, or invest in a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning has been a useful method not just for removing stains, but if you steam clean a carpet, it will help to bring out that natural weft that it once had before feet trampled all over it. In addition to this, the wall will be subject to stains, either from sticky tack, child’s fingerprints, and the like, so, rental properties tend to have very neutral color paints, so, get this color and paint over the stains.

Step Three: Get Rid Of Limescale

Limescale is a big problem in bathrooms, especially when you have white units. The way to check if you got limescale is by running your finger around the sink all the bathtub, and if you find this chalky white substance, you’re in limescale city! So, look at removing limescale with special cleaners, or you can make your own, by using natural ingredients. You can make a very handy cleaner using sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, a little washing up liquid, and hot water.

Step Four: Cleaning The Oven

Nowadays, there are lots of oven cleaner items you can buy that do the job effectively. But, if you are looking for a cheaper way to do it, you should clean your oven at the point where it’s beginning to cool down after being on. The higher temperature makes stains easier to scrub up. But be careful, and make sure you don’t burn yourself!

Step Five: Start Cleaning Early!

As soon as you giving your months’ notice, start cleaning! This is for a very simple reason, even if you do a deep clean on the last day, there are always things that show up a week or so later. So, in starting your clean-up operation as soon as possible, and tackling the key problem areas, this means that all you need to do before you leave is do a superficial clean and you are free to go!



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