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Find the best job in 2018: The Devil is in the Details and doesn’t always wear Prada

Finding The Best Job: The Devil is in the Details and doesn't always wear prada

A lot of people are on the lookout to find the best job now that it’s 2018, but the current job market can be tough to navigate. Even when you think you’ve found the perfect job for you based on the description alone, the reality can turn out less than stellar. I recently left a job that promised that I’d be doing amazing things on a world stage with digital technology, and I ended up designing many, many forms in two colours and one font. It killed my desire to create.

There can be many people involved in the candidate selection process. As business owners, we want happy employees who truly want to work for us. On the other hand however, as employees we can often avoid picking up a bad job by focusing on a few of the details. My biggest tip, is if something feels not right, it probably isn’t. I worked for a bully for a few months, but in retrospect all the signed were there.

Overall: Make Sure the Job Description Sounds Right

There’s a few essentials that definitely need to be written down in a job description, and shady jobs with not much substance to them won’t include these. Make sure what you’re reading and about to apply to tells you what you need to do, what skills you need to have, and whether there’s any health and environmental factors involved. More information is revealed after this during an informal phone call or the actual interview itself, but the bare bones need to be there from the beginning.

This is all because a job description can often show you what will be required of you later on down the line. When it comes to knowing what should be in an employee handbook, read up on the guidelines at to make sure you realize what you’re looking for.

Focus on the Interviewer’s Language to find the best job

A lot of the time, the person on the other side of the table wants to make their company seem like the best out there, and of course we don’t expect anything less from them. However, it’s the overuse of this technique that’s a warning sign; dishonesty sets up a bad trust bond from the start.

This can be for a couple of reasons, but any of them isn’t exactly a behaviour you want to be working around every day. Throwing in a buzzword for every other sentence is indicative that the person doesn’t have a lot to say otherwise, and they’re just repeating company messages to try and get a point across. Similarly, they may be trying to smooth away a challenge the business is facing, and finding out about this may make you desire to move elsewhere.

See if They Can Answer Your Questions

Every good candidate has questions prepared for the end of an interview, and every good interviewer will answer them with energy and enthusiasm because of the eagerness on the other side of the table. That’s how a healthy interview goes. Yet, if the interviewer has no time for your questions, or they have nothing to say when it comes to your probing in order to find out more about the job, that’s a pretty bad warning sign.

The devil is in the details when it comes to finding a job, but unfortunately a lot of us don’t have the luxury to pay attention to them. Take care and look out for these signs to find the best job.



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