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Fancy An Expansion? Open Up Your Own Warehouse!

Fancy An Expansion? Open Up Your Own Warehouse!

If you’re someone with your own business, the idea of expansion has probably crossed your mind a couple of times. And what is one of the best ways to accomplish this? By opening up your own warehouse; you can pick and pack by yourself, store your own products in bigger and better bulk, and even hire out your space for other companies to use. All that equals more of a profit for you, and a much better reputation amongst your local business economy.

But how you can you actually go about getting an entire shipping centre on your payroll? Here’s a couple of pointers for you to consider to get yourself started.

As a business owner, isn’t just the prospect quite exciting? (Image)

Prepare for the Staffing Costs

When you’ve got your own warehouse to service, 24/7, even when you’re not open, your staffing costs are going to be through the roof. Hiring out the place on its own won’t have that much of a drag on your yearly profits, but being able to get your products picked, packaged, and shipped by real employees is going to stack up.

And it’s not just the human members of your team that you have to account for; you’re going to need the right machinery for them to work with! But thankfully, there’s some good forklifts hire options out there as well. Overall, it might be worth it to hire on seasonal staff for the busier times of year, and in between, offer simply a handful of full time positions to potential employees. You never know when your sales are going to pick up or drop down, and as a result, having to constantly look out for the payroll is going to be extremely difficult. Just make sure there’s someone to man the phone and answer customer queries.

If You Have a Warehouse, You Have an Online Option

And one that’s much cheaper, and therefore more attractive, on your customers! If you’re planning to open up an ecommerce store soon, now’s your chance to make sure the idea makes you at least a double return on the money you spent to get started. You don’t have to store your products elsewhere, you don’t have non-employees handling them, and you don’t have to rely on the service staying in business!

Most of all, being able to ship your own items means you never have to turn to an outsourced courier, and you can very well guarantee if the item someone ordered will get to them or not. Overall, having an online option is amazing for business, and being able to show off your low price or even free shipping is a great way to get people to come back for more – and your warehouse expansion was the main reason for all of this.

Are you ready to get expanding? That warehouse won’t wait around for long for you to take interest; there’s a lot of businesses out there who are turning to this option!



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