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Everything You Need To Think About Before Extending Your Home

Modern Floor Addition with Views in Curl Curl

Need more space in your house? I’m sure you will have already thought about moving your furniture around and trying different decor tips to try and open up your rooms but, ultimately, it will be impossible for you to magic more space in your home. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to move to a different home just to get more space; there is another option you might want to use. You could always extend your home and add another room on or simply make an existing room bigger.

Adding an extension to your home is a great solution for more space, but you need to remember that it is going to be a very big job. After all, it’s a major building project! So, it’s important that you take all of the following into consideration before you commit yourself to one.

Credit: Add-Style Home Additions
Credit: Add-Style Home Additions

Planning Permission

First of all, you will need to find out whether or not you will have to have planning permission for your extension. Generally speaking, this is the case for most extensions, and your local planning council will need to see all of your designs and blueprints and then make a decision as to whether or not the extension can go ahead. Don’t worry if your first plan is denied, though, as you will be allowed to change them and submit a second application.

The Design

Next, it’s worth considering the actual design of the extension. If you already have something in mind, you should ask yourself if it is going to suit the rest of the house. The original building and new extension should blend seamlessly together or else the finished structure could look quite odd. If you aren’t too sure how to design an extension, you might want to look for more info here about hiring a firm to help you. They will have lots of experts on their team who can talk you through the best design for your property.

Access For Builders

Are you sure all the builders and contractors will be able to access your property easily to work on the extension? It’s not just about getting themselves near your house – they might also need to get diggers, lorries, and other large vehicles onto the site. Any access problems could prevent them from working on your home.

Your Home’s Surroundings

It’s also necessary to consider the surrounding area around your home. There could be some issues that need solving before you start building, such as removing any trees that will be in the way. Sometimes, the quality of the soil around your home could pose a problem as well. Thankfully, you will be able to call in ground experts who can fix these for you.

Credit: Add-Style Home Additions
Credit: Add-Style Home Additions

The Overall Cost

Don’t forget to draw up a budget before you start an extension. If you can’t afford it but go ahead with it anyway, you could end up spiralling into debt.

So, are you still interested in adding an extension onto your home? Make sure you’ve considered these points before you decide!



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