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Everybody Forgets These Backpacking Essentials. Don’t Be One Of Them

Everybody Forgets These Backpacking Essentials. Don't Be One Of Them

Going on a backpacking adventure might seem simple enough: just fill up your rucksack with some food, a sleeping bag and whatever else, and you’re good to go. But unless you’ve learned through bitter experience, there’s a good chance that you’ll forget something that you later need.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the backpacking essentials that everybody forgets to pack. Don’t let your next hiking vacation adventure turn into a disaster.


Backpacking can be unpredictable. You might set off in the morning believing that you will arrive at the next campsite or hostel by early evening, but difficulties with the terrain can slow you down considerably. If that happens, then there’s a good chance that part of your journey will be in the dark.

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A handheld torch is okay, but it’s much better to use a headlamp. A headlamp automatically illuminates anything in your line of sight, and you don’t have to carry it, which can get tedious. Choose a headlight with an LED light, as this will be much more efficient and last longer than an incandescent alternative.

Bite Cream

At some point during your hiking trip, you’re going to get bitten, whether it’s while walking through long grass or wrapped up in your sleeping bag at night. Bites can be extremely painful and itchy and detract from what should otherwise be a magical experience. Products like Stingose gel can help to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain, allowing you to get on with your trip pain-free. Always remember to pack insect creams and repellent if you’re traveling to a tropical country or walking in the summer months.


This is a big one: remembering to pack a power pack. Powerpacks are useful for all kinds of things, but especially for charging your phone. A standard size powerpack will usually provide enough energy for two charges, all at minimal weight. You can get special power packs that come with fold-out solar panels, allowing you to charge them up while in direct sunlight – something that is particularly helpful on longer expeditions.

A Bungee Cord

Bungee cords are one of those general purpose items that it totally essential but easily forgotten. You can use bungees for all kinds of purposes, but perhaps the most important is for hanging out wet clothes to dry. Bungees with hooks can easily be set up between two trees like a washing line and provide you with the drying power you need.

Nail Clippers

When you’re hiking, you suddenly start thinking about your feet more than at any other time in your life. Nothing is more annoying than walking with a toenail that’s constantly rubbing against the inside of your walking boot. Pack nail clippers, and say goodbye to nail rub for good.

A Sewing Kit

PBackpacking is hard on your clothing. Even new clothes can break while out in the wilderness. Packing a small sewing kit allows you to make repairs on the fly, saving you hassle and making you more independent.



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