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Ensuring Your Plants Get All The Light They Need

Having a garden can be a lot of work, but there are certain tasks you can carry out today which will make tending to your plants easier tomorrow.

Having a garden can be a lot of work, but there are certain tasks you can carry out today which will make tending to your plants easier tomorrow. All plants need light in some manner or another, although some need it more than others and there are many that prefer a lot of shade. However, even those need some indirect light. If you have a sprawling garden of many plants and flowers, how are you to ensure that you can control the light level in the garden so that all the plants are happy? Here are some top tips to help you with that.

Be Careful With Trees

First of all, you will probably want to take a look at what trees you have in your garden. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you might want to plant more trees or get rid of one or two. If you think you might need to cut one back or even down entirely, don’t do it yourself as this can be dangerous. Instead, use the likes of S&B Tree Services to ensure that it is dealt with properly and safely. By being careful and a little clever with the trees, you can create the amount of sunlight you need.

Don’t Overcrowd The Garden

An overcrowded garden is one where the plants are all fighting for one another’s space and light, and it is not the best way to tend to your plants. You need to make sure that each plant has the access to light it needs, which means keeping the number of plants you have quite low overall and being careful about placement too: don’t put something that needs a lot of light beneath a huge perennial bush! Consider this a little carefully and each plant will prosper much more.

Keep Perennials Pruned

Speaking of perennials, these are actually hugely important too when it comes to making sure that everything is getting the light it needs. As well as thinking about placement, you also need to make sure that you are keeping your perennials pruned every year. This is a simple case of cutting them back as much as necessary once or twice a year – usually at the start and end of summer, at least. Then you should be able to clear plenty of air space for the other plants who might be hungrier for the sunlight.

Make Use Of The Positioning

Ultimately, you can’t do much about where your garden is and where it faces – but you can make use of it as best as possible in order to ensure that you can maximize the sunlight for your plants. You just need to take a step back and think about how the light is going to move throughout the day, and in doing so you’ll find that you are much more likely to get the sun they all need. If you can do this right, it should make a world of difference – and make your life a lot easier on the whole too.



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