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Don’t Let Your Home Die From DIY

Don't Let Your Home Die From DIY

Are you someone who just loves to DIY? Great! It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run, but sometimes you’ve just got to know when to stop. Have you ever been into the home of an avid DIYer, and you can just see unfinished jobs everywhere? That’s because life just gets in the way sometimes. Sometimes you just need to be able to accept the help your home so desperately needs. Yet every proud DIYer will tell you it’s hard to accept help, especially when your million and one projects feel like your own. So if you’re reading this and are thinking, ‘this sounds like me’. Then stop and take a read to find out how you can stop your home dying from DIYing.

One story comes to mind of a friend who did his own DIY and it took years and ended up costing more as he had to get a professional in to fix what their “mates” had done “on the cheap”. It became a joke after a while, but it did cause him a lot of unnecessary stress.

Only Tackle One Job At A Time

Chances are, you’ll start one job, then out the corner of your eye you’ll notice that skirting board that needs replacing, then you’ve got your second job. Then you’ll notice that bit of door where the paints come off, then you’ve got your third job. All of which you seem to start at the same time. Before you know it, your house really is out of control with unfinished jobs. Learning the importance of taking your time, and doing it all one by one really is going to be key to saving your house. If not, you’ll have bits and bobs all over the place, and it’ll start to look a little cluttered. Everyone loves a fixer upper, but you just need to prioritise what to fix first and things will become a little easier.

Accept The Help You Might Need

Don’t be one of these people who is too house proud to accept the help the desperately need. Some people are so determined to do everything themselves, that before they know if the house is falling apart before their very eyes. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, then you know you’ve got to bring in a second opinion. Plumbing and electrics is something all men in particular, think they know everything about. Truth is they don’t, and they just make things 10 times worse.

Don't Let Your Home Die From DIY
Don’t Let Your Home Die From DIY

There are plenty of plumbing services out there that will get the job done professionally for you, just as there are plenty of electricians who will be happy to solve any issues. With things such as painting, you should be able to do it yourself, just make sure you’re prepping the walls properly and using enough coats of paint. And whatever you do, make sure you cover the carpet or floor before you start painting the area. The last thing you want is a stain to deal with. Don’t accept the help of another amateur, such as your partner, this is only opening the door for a disaster waiting to happen. If you’re going to get help, make sure it is outside help.

Sorting out a dying DIY house isn’t that hard, just take your time and figure out the area that needs the most attention. Before you know it your house will be like brand new again.



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