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My Five "Kiss"Ranking System for Beauty Products

I put together Five Kiss Ranking System so at a glance, you could see the value or the value I place on a product or service.

Diane Penelope seal of Quality

I also have a the ‘Diane Penelope Lust-Have Seal’ which I will apply to stand out products or service I review that I cannot live without. Products with this seal are exceptional and beyond the 5/5 of the 5 Kiss Ranking System.

Diane Penelope Rating System

rating1   1/5 I’m not a fan, formulation or materials are cheap or don’t work

diane penelope product rating 1   2/5 Still not a firm fan but will do in a pinch. Lacking a lot in formulation.

diane penelope product rating 3   3/5 It’s in my collection but if I have a better version I’ll use it

diane penelope product rating 4   4/5 I like this, it’s definitely in my regularly use pile, but there a couple of better choices

diane penelope product rating 5   5/5 I am a diehard fan and this is the creme de la creme of products and formulations