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Deck Out Your Garden This Autumn

Deck Out Your Garden This Spring

This month is the perfect time to start making some changes in your garden ready for the summer months. You can start planting seeds of fruits and flowers, prune your late shrubs and even add some wildlife friendly items into the space. One of the main jobs you will want to get done right now rather than later is laying out a new patio or deck.

Decking is a great addition to your garden space because t gives everyone a place to sit when they come to visit you for a barbecue. It is a job which can take a few days to complete but it isn’t as difficult as it may appear at first. If you want to learn all about decking, wood and timber decking inspection tips: read on.

Location and planning

The first steps you will need to take when deciding to install a deck into the garden is deciding in a location for the decking and also making sure that you know how big you want it to be. Most people will situate their decking right outside tree back door, and then have the lawn and the rest of the garden pushed back from the house, however you can place your decking wherever you want to, there are no rules. Make sure you take into account what you have in the area currently and whether or not you will need to move plants around or dog up some lawn. Make sure if you can that the space will fit full boards and that you won’t need to trim a board because this can weaken your decking.

The foundation

Once you know where you want your decking to go you will need to make a flat surface in the area so you can lay the decking on top and fix it down. To start off with; make sure you dig out any plants and relocate them to other parts of the garden. Get rid of any underlying roots and smooth out your soil. You will then be able to lay the frame of the decking and start to build your deck.

Laying the deck

When you come to lay the wood for your deck be mindful to make sure that the wood you use is totally solid and well varnished to prevent any weather damage and rot. Use timber screws to fix the pieces of wood together to make sure that the structure is completely sound. You want to make this decking to last you for a lifetime so there should be no time for shortcuts.


Once the decking is completed and the work you have done is solid, make sure to paint a few coats of stain over the top to further protect the wood and to also add a nice touch of colour. You can be as wild as you like with the colour of the stain because they come in all different shades. You could even do a bright colour like yellow for a warm and inviting touch to your garden!



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