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Cremorlab Skin Care: K Beauty Road Test

cremorlab Nutrition Deep Hydro Plus Intensive Mask $12.00

Cremorlab Skin Care, a Korean Beauty brand that is actually bigger outside Korea. The packaging is in soft pastels with dark grey and white, so really on trend as far as packaging colours for beauty goes (thing Fenty/KKW and the like). The containers have a minimal matte look; clean and unobtrusive on your dressing table or in the bathroom of a stylish modern maven. Personally I like a bit of sparkle, foil and glamour, but I think the target market is a less flashy style than my  love of dusty peachy/pink and rose gold foil.

cremorlab products in packaging
cremorlab products in packaging

On Peach and Lily, the main website for K Beauty Brands the introductory text says:

“Cremorlab’s innovative skincare products harness the power of Thermal water therapy, Eco-energy, and Natural nourishment (T.E.N.). aka T.E.N. thermal water, a rare and mineral-rich water from Geumjin, a special region in Korea. Famous for its richness in minerals, T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab’s products that focus on the hydration and health of your skin. Discover how this unique skincare line can help boost radiance, vitality, and hydration.”

Famous for its richness in minerals, T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab's products
Famous for its richness in minerals, T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab’s products

Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream $42

I started using the Hydro plus snow falls melting cream and while it was lovely and light, but I felt it didn’t have the extra hydration I need for my 48 year old skin. This product would be amazing for a 25 – 40 year old person, as it is light and melts into the skin. 

Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream $42
Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream $42 from Peach and Lilys

I decided to invest in a couple of products for the more mature skin. While the snow falls melting cream was amazing, I felt I needed more hydration so invested in the rich cream below.

Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremorlab for Face Enriched Moisture $99

cremorlab enriched moisture
cremorlab enriched moisture

I cannot sing the praises of this cream enough. It is creamy, silky smooth without being slippery hydrating and feels like my skin is getting a good drink.

Mineral Treatment Essence $48.00

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence
Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence

My opinion on essences is that they are a fancy (but decadent) toner that leaves a few traces of ingredient on the skin and help clean the skin fuher. I love toning so I really enjoy this product. The texture is smooth and it doesn’t leave a film over my skin, but does make it feel extra clean. From the ingreient listing it looks like rosesand chamomile are the primary botanicals, along with a bunch of impressive sounding ingredients that I haven’t heard of, but it feels nice and the price is great from a mid range perspective. Sure there are cheaper toners/essences out there but they aren’t as pretty and don’t smell as nice. I won’t list all the ingredients, you can see them at Peach and Lily

The Masks

The masks come in two materials, hydrogel which is a plasticy gel feeling material, like gelatine and the other type is cotton. I don’t know if that makes a difference in the delivery of the ingredients, but I feel as if the hydrogel masks don’t breathe so the ingredients can only go inward to the skin and hopefully into the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Cremorlab Marine Hyaluronic Revital Mask $6.00

cremorlab Nutrition Deep Hydro Plus Intensive Mask $12.00
cremorlab Nutrition Deep Hydro Plus Intensive Mask $12.00

I loved this mask the best and it is the featured image.

This is a deeply hydrating mask that left my skin feeling pillowy soft. I went to a launch on Monday and drank three glasses of champagne all night and still had a hangover. It’s amazing how drinking just a couple affected my skin the next day.

My skin was patchy and out of balance, so I drank loads of Bondi Beach Tea Co B-Slim and Colon Cleanse, to get the insides in balance and restore my fluids. On the outside I put on the Cremorlab Nutrition Deep Hydro Plus Intensive Mask and took a 30 minute time out. It was perfect to restore my mind and face.

cremorlab Hydro Plus Aqua Tank Water-full Mask $12.00

cremorlab Hydro Plus Aqua Tank Water-full Mask $12.00
Cremorlab Hydro Plus Aqua Tank Water-full Mask $12.00

This hydrogel mask delivers high concentrations of moisturising and firming hydrolyzed marine collagen deep into the skin.

The unique hydrogel material stays moist for longer than the average cotton sheet mask, letting your face take advantage of all the essential ingredients in the concentrated serum.

Who is this for?

Ideal for Dry and/or Mature Skin but right for all skin types

cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask $6.00

cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask $6.00
Cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask $6.00

This 100% organic cotton sheet mask delivers highly concentrated hydrating and calming ingredients into the skin. Special thermal water increases skin moisture content while polyphenols and tannins from chamomile and black herb tea extracts help to soothe and improve the skin’s complexion. The mask forces ingredients to gently absorb into dry, coarse skin to leave a radiant glow.

Who is this for?

Ideal for all skin types.

Cremorlab Wrinkle-Off Eye Cream $48.00

cremorlab Wrinkle-Off Eye Cream $48.00
cremorlab Wrinkle-Off Eye Cream $48.00

This product keeps it promise of reducing the look of fine lines and smoothing the eye area.

This eye cream helps to smooth fine lines and boost elasticity. Cremorlab’s T.E.N. thermal water is high in mineral content which is known to have nourishing and hydrating properties for skin. This eye cream targets the delicate skin around the eye area to keep it moisturised. Sweet almond oil, broccoli extract and adenosine supplement the hydrating properties of mineral rich T.E.N. thermal water.

Key Featured and Benefits

  • Macadamia, Soy and Argan oils with the support of oat and aloe extracts provide deep moisture to the skin
  • Camellia and royal jelly nourish tired eyes
  • Can be used as a primer for eye make up.

A quirky perk

The sleek little tube is perfect to keep in your makeup bag along with the rest of your make-up as it serves as an excellent primer for shadows and other eye make-up.

who is this for?

Best for those with fine lines about their eyes. Appropriate for sensitive skin.

cremorlab products sent to try
cremorlab products sent to try for PR

My Verdict After 7 Days Exclusive use

Cremorlab is an extremely well formulated collection in the mid-price range. The packaging is youthful and contemporary, no foil or sparkles to be seen. Understated and minimal the range is easy to use, does what it says with no massive hype. I love the Mineral Treatment Essence, both for the gorgeous packaging and the way it makes my skin feels. I suggest going to Peach and Lily for your products, as Myer are about 1/3 more once you take into account GST and currency conversion. It’s not a huge difference if you prefer to check it out in the flesh.

If you want a light moisturiser and are about 25 – 35 then the Snow Falls Melting Cream would be a good night cream for you. If you are after a more rich and nourishing product The Enriched Cream with T.E.N.cremor for face hich underpins the anti-ageing products. Like all K Beauty collections there are more steps than we are used to in the west, but my skin is glowing.

PR products and blog integrity: My opinion of the products is genuine and I am always honest with my verdict. I would never recommend a product that didn’t perform and I only feature the most effective,  interesting and/or unique products.

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