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Creative Social Media Services for small business

My passion is personalised creative boutique level services, optimised for each channel/platform – tailored to increase your customers’ engagement, improve sales and product awareness, along with meeting and exceeding your brand goals and objectives.

Boutique Graphic Design and Web Design:

  • Art Direction and project management
  • Branding and boutique Logo Design
    • Complete logo design
    • Comprehensive branding guidelines
    • Revisions to existing logo (update/modernise)
  • Boutique Digital and Web Design
    • Banner ads (animated and static)
    • Social media graphics and animation
    • Web design (WordPress/eCommerce)
  • Print Graphic Design
    • Press advertising
    • Business cards and stationery
    • Brochures, flyers and postcards
    • Gift certificates/vouchers
  • Packaging Design
    • award winning design for a range of industries including: beauty, cosmetics, fashion, food, hair care, liquor, skincare, lifestyle products
  • Copy Writing

Social Media Manager

  • Planning and strategy
  • Persona development
  • Brainstorming
  • Scheduling
  • Content development
  • Calendar creation
  • Tone of voice definition
  • Guideline and strategy documents

Blogging and Content Creation

I love the crafting of words and images to put together into articles that teach, entertain and inspire. Blogging is a part of content creation might seem lighthearted and fluffy, but this is serious stuff for your business. I believe that you can optimise the technical side of your site within an inch of its life, but if it isn’t captivating, motivating or educational, people won’t stay on your site for long. You need to move people.

Blogs offer a more personal tone of voice than websites pages and you can keep visitors/readers up to date, offering a front row seat to your company, its news, values, people and knowledge.

Every brand has a story and most are very interesting to me – we all have previous experiences that have made us who we are as a business. I’ll make sure the you carry that story across all that is said or created for your brand.

Writing Your Blog

When you first start blogging, you need to figure out:

  1. Why you are blogging
  2. Who is listening
  3. Speak to them on the correct tone of voice

This can be trick for some SME owners. You will probably need some coaching on how to post the story on your actual blog, maybe a little help with grammar/spelling or actual writing itself, you may need help with keeping the feed going at the beginning.

Blog Successfully

Being an experienced designer I can create eye-catching and attention grabbing graphics. Having a life time of writing for advertising, I can help you with search engine friendly text that targets your key followers and content style. I am here to help as much or as little as you need.

Mixing It All Together Digitally

In all digital strategies when you have blogging, there are a variety of moving pieces:

  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Display Ads
  • Blog Posts
  • CRM Activities
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • How useable your site is
  • Where you stand now versus where you want to go.

What is Content Marketing?

Content is king. It always has been, but it is even more so now. My skills in content creation are next to none as I can design, write and am strategically savvy.

There are several ways to create content. You can reuse content, you can report other’s content (I cannot stress how important it is to do this with permission and with credit for SME’s) or I can help you create your own. The most successful content is called “user generated content”, where you customers send you images, testimonials, anecdotes and become advocates of your brand.

Guest Bloggers/Advocates/Ambassadors

Use your contacts for blogging. Get them to write a guest post the makes you look good and promotes them but is also creating an unofficial brand ambassador. They don’t have to be celebrities, although they are very, very useful, but a friend with an interest in surfing might be a great person to write about particular breaks you were a surf brand. I try to think differently and come up with ideas and concepts for content creation that offer the best ROI.

So We Have Your Blog, What Next?

I then schedule your content in to post at a premium time for your target market.  I schedule a  range of material and media of stuff for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest to make sure every channel in your marketing mix is coordinated and saying the same thing.

If this sounds like I might be able to help your business, either for coaching, group training or full service social media marketing, get in touch, call or text me on 0405 324 369 or email me directly.