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Creating A Safe Work Environment

Here are some tips for making sure that the work environment is safe, clean, and ideal for working in. 

Any work environment that has power tools, heat, or dust in the air needs to be made safe for the people who work there. It could be a creative studio space that has a lot of paint smells or even the smell of resin. Here are some tips for making sure that the work environment is safe, clean, and ideal for working in. 

Clean down 

The clean-down at the end of the day needs to be taken care of by people who understand how dust and debris lay. A microfiber cloth is a good start, but most of the time, it is better to get a professional industrial cleaning company to take care of this. 

Dedicated space 

Every tool should have a dedicated space that it gets returned to at the end of the shift. Where possible, all of the tools should be labeled to make them faster to use, and if there are personal tools, these should also have a designated space. Making sure that there are dedicated spaces will ensure that dangerous tools or tools that can pose a hazard are safely away. 

First Aid 

There should be at least one person on every shift who has a first-aid certificate. When there are sharp tools or chemicals that can be dangerous, it is important that there is someone on sight with the training to take care of someone in the case of an emergency. 


Paint, chemicals, and power tools create a lot of smells and particles that can be dangerous to us. Simply opening a window isn’t usually enough to help, so you’ll need to make an investment in the right ventilation equipment and consider dust extraction, too. 

Along with the ventilation methods, you’ll need to ensure that people are wearing the correct protection mask. 

Floor labeling 

Depending on the size of your space, adding labeling on the top floor can help with people flow and reduce the possibility of people running into each other. It was something that people became more familiar with in everyday life a few years ago at the peak of the pandemic. However, that same method can be applied for the safety of the workers in any given environment. 


Recycling, while it is great for the environment, it is actually important in other ways. When a recycling program is in place, it often means that people are more mindful of their trash and where it goes. With multiple bins for different things, there is less likely to be spilling over the floor – even with the best of intentions, this can happen. 


Inventory management – no matter what products or items you sell, inventory management is a must. Stock rotation on their shelves also makes a difference – because this is a key place for dust to settle that cleaners might not ordinarily take care of. Regular stock checks also reduce the chances of pests, leaking, damage, and more. 

Creating a safe work environment is great for your business and great for your workforce, too.

Photo by Lewis Roberts on Unsplash



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